Whew! Tak­ing a breath now. Midterms are over. I have 4 weeks until finals (I hate quar­ters, I’m a semes­ter kind of gal). Ah, that’s better.

Two of the but­ton pack­ages were sent back to me because they were “too thick” and required more postage, so I will be resend­ing those tomor­row. I can’t imag­ine that the time it took to label it, the cost of the label itself and the work to get it back to me was less expen­sive than the .20 they are ask­ing, but what­ever. Who knows with the post office.

Last week I stopped at Whole Foods and decided that I needed some choco­late. It’s Feb­ru­ary and I’m at least stick­ing to one res­o­lu­tion! 😉 I noticed these Whole Foods Dark Choco­late bars, one with mint and the other with coconut, and knew they would soon be consumed.


Organic, respon­si­bly har­vested and deli­cious– just the way I like it. The mint one has lit­tle bits of crunchy mint candy in it and the coconut one had thin, shred­ded coconut in it. The tex­ture of the coconut bar reminded me of a child­hood favorite called Mallo Cups, minus the liq­uid marsh­mal­low fill­ing. They have this choco­late cup that has a sim­i­lar coconuty texture.

Both of these bars were deli­cious and had a dif­fer­ent level of eata­bil­ity than the other arti­san choco­lates we’ve been eat­ing. Those are del­cious, of course, but are to be eaten in smaller pieces and savored. These bars are high qual­ity choco­late, but they are in the 54% range for cacao, so they are a lit­tle sweeter and more candy bar-like when you just want to nosh on some choco­late. I highly sug­gest them, both because they are deli­cious and a very good bar­gain for organic choco­late bars of this size.

I will admit that there are some things I can be snobby about and choco­late is quickly ris­ing to the top of that list. Jim is a big lover of cof­fee. Straight up, black cof­fee. His per­spec­tive is that if you have to put stuff in it, such as sugar or creamer, you don’t really like cof­fee. He’s a purist in that way. I used to think he was a lit­tle over the top about it, but then today a co-worker men­tioned that she loves Hershey’s Kisses, I couldn’t help but think that any­one who enjoys some­thing like that and con­sid­ers it choco­late can’t pos­si­bly like actual choco­late. I mean, it’s waxy choco­late full of sugar and milk, there’s barely any actual choco­late in there! This, my friends, is chocolate:


So, what hap­pens when you for­get you have bread on its sec­ond rise in the kitchen? Mon­ster bread. And I thought it was big while I was ris­ing– look at this thing after baking!


Yeah, it was a tall loaf. Jim kept call­ing it “double-decker” bread. Thank­fully, ris­ing too long doesn’t affect the taste. This is “Goin’ Up North” bread, my homage to Min­nesota loaf. Spot­ted with fra­grant, chewy grains of wild rice, this bread was per­fect with some Earth Bal­ance and soup.


The only down­side to double-decker bread is that the air pock­ets get big­ger, so by the time we got to the mid­dle of the loaf some of the pieces weren’t hold­ing together as well, but it was still worth chow­ing down!

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  1. Vegetation says:

    I’m sorry but your bread made me laugh! Mostly because it reminded me of my pizza dough I made the other week. I for­got it was super hot weather, I for­got I left it in a bowl on the bench to rise. I was only pop­ping down to the local shops for a few min­utes but got dis­tracted and was quite a while (and also went other places). By the time I came home my pizza dough had taken over half my kitchen!

    Mmmm that mint choco­late is call­ing my name! Yum!

  2. DJ Karma says:

    Great look­ing mon­ster bread! And I don’t have to say any­thing about that chocolate!!!

  3. Beth says:

    That bread looks really tasty! My crav­ing for carbs just shot thru the roof.

    Thanks for the pins– I put them on my bag for all the world to see!

  4. Trista says:

    Hey!! Thanks for your com­ment on my blog about Andrew Bird. I can imag­ine it was very awk­ward, but also am jeal­ous you got that close — ha!

    I’m with you on the choco­late — the darker the bet­ter. I like Whole Foods brand but con­sume it too quick. They have a darker choco­late bar, too. The darker of any brand makes me more con­scious about how quickly I con­sume, prob­a­bly also due to the price…

    I could con­sume that bread in 5 min­utes, and of course not feel great after.

    Thanks again for vis­it­ing my blog, Kris!!

  5. jumbleberryjam says:

    That bread is freakin’ AWESOME! And the chocolate…indeed, I’m a total snob-ola (also an over– con­sumer) :-). Love me a good black cof­fee, too!

  6. Shelby says:

    AWESOME bread! I love the lit­tle speck­les in it!

    Mmm choco­late =)

  7. Karen says:

    I am a Min­nesotan who is so happy to find that you are blog­ging again! The bread looks deli­cious — per­fect with soup on a cold MN evening as you remember … :)

  8. shellyfish says:

    I got my but­tons today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVVEEE them! I’ll be blog­ging them soon, but wanted to say merci!
    I hear you on the choco­late, and I agree with your sweetie on the cof­fee — if you can’t drink it straight, well, something’s wrong with it!
    Send me some of that double-decker bread, too, K?

  9. the rachface says:

    One thanks­giv­ing I made dough in the bread maker and was plan­ning to turn them into rolls. I com­pletely for­got about them until the meal was over. Mean­while the dough had risen up over the pan inside the machine and over, cov­er­ing the insides of it. It looked a bit like your mon­ster bread there! I hope this is a new recipe com­ing our way soon!

    And I got the but­tons yes­ter­day! Thanks so much!!

  10. jessy says:

    i too have for­got­ten about a loaf or two at times! aha­ha­haaa! dou­ble decker — i love it! it looks deli­cious though!

    i’m quite picky about my choco­late, too — totally going to have to check those out! they look great & sound awe­some! espe­cially the coconut one.

    i’d also like to add that i’m a cof­fee purist as well. i have to agree that if you don’t drink it black ya shouldn’t be drink­ing it at all. (i do the same with tea — just straight up!)

    glad you get a bit of a breather! and thanks for the but­tons! i got them yes­ter­day — they’re so awe­some! made me most hap­py­faced, indeed!

  11. Courtney says:

    Con­grats on being done with the midterms! I am sure you did great :o)

    Yay for MN wild rice bread! It looks wonderful!


  12. Diann says:

    That big ol’ bread loaf looks deli­cious and fun to eat.

    I think true choco­late lovers can’t help but be snobs about it. I’m guilty. I’m just glad the good stuff is avail­able in small quan­ti­ties. That makes it afford­able and a rea­son­able quan­tity. I love cocoa nibs and roasted beans!

  13. Sandy says:

    That bread looks awe­some! del­ish!! Hope you are feel­ing better.

  14. B36Kitchen says:

    I love how tall the bread is! Dou­ble decker is a great name for it.

  15. Lisa says:

    I got my but­tons on Mon­day, and they were a bright spot on an oth­er­wise very frus­trat­ing day! But then to open up the enve­lope and be greeted by those adorable lit­tle nom nom kitties.…well, it was nice to be reminded about all the nice, awe­some peo­ple in this world. Thank you!! :)

  16. Amanda says:


    I couldn’t find a way to e-mail you, but I had a ques­tion about the Boston Cream Pie recipe you used to have in the recipes section!

  17. Boris says:

    This bread looks so awe­somely delis­cious! There wouldn’t hap­pen to be a recipe of it some­where, would there?