No one can say we have had an easy win­ter.  This morn­ing I unearthed my car from our lat­est snow storm, lay­ers of frozen sleet sand­wich­ing snow and ice.  My car may be Swedish, but it’s not lov­ing this.

Need­less to say, polar vor­tex weather con­di­tions don’t really bring visions of ice cream to mind, but that’s what my win­ter has looked like.  Batches upon batches of ice cream, book ended between a vari­ety of cook­ies.  It’s been hard, let me tell you.


See the sac­ri­fices I make for you?

As you scrape off your cars, salt your side­walks and avoid careen­ing into mail­boxes, remem­ber that warmer days are ahead.  And when that time comes, my tasty vegan ice cream sand­wiches book will be ready for you.

For now, go get that hot cocoa.


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