Inspi­ra­tion struck yes­ter­day, whilst work­ing away at my desk. Well, I will prop­erly attribute the inspi­ra­tion to Leigh, who admit­ted to resist­ing the impulse to put potato chips on my Hell Yes! Cake Bars. Instantly I thought of chocolate-covered potato chips. Then my mind moved on to chocolate-covered potato chips on a stick (I am a Min­nesotan, after all). Then, I thought of mous­taches on sticks and it all came together.

Although this idea would have been bet­ter done in Movem­ber, it still stands that hav­ing a mous­tache is trendy and mous­taches you can eat will make you even more pop­u­lar. These come together eas­ily with some sticks or skew­ers, melted choco­late and what­ever you can drench in said melted choco­late. Rice Krispies would work great! I used crushed up potato chips and peanut butter-dipped pret­zel sticks. If you were really ambi­tious, you could even add on a goatee.

The Yosemite Sam look

The Broom-Bristle ‘stache

Munch­able Mous­tache Treats

This “recipe” is more of a gen­eral guide and is super flex­i­ble to feel free to play!

1 cup choco­late chips
Crushed potato chips
Pret­zel sticks
Peanut but­ter (optional)

Line a bak­ing sheet with waxed paper. In a dou­ble boiler (or a heat resis­tant bowl) over a pot of sim­mer­ing water, gen­tly melt the choco­late, being care­ful to not get any water into the choco­late, until just melted. Place a hand­ful of crushed potato chips into a bowl. If coat­ing the pret­zels with peanut but­ter, pair them up and gen­tly spread the peanut but­ter to stick them together.

Use the melted choco­late to “glue” the tips of the sticks onto the waxed paper, plac­ing them far enough apart to fit their mous­tache toppers.

Pour enough choco­late into the bowl with the potato chips to coat the chips well. Spoon the chips artis­ti­cally over the tops of sticks, adding a lit­tle extra choco­late to secure them. For the pret­zel sticks, dip them quickly in the melted choco­late and lay them on the sticks in the arrange­ment of your choice. Add addi­tional choco­late fix any naked spots and to secure.

Chill mous­taches in the fridge for at least an hour and gen­tly peel off the waxed paper before serving.

Makes: as many mous­taches as you cre­ate, it depends on how big you like your upper lip hair!

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5 Responses to yummy stubble

  1. Courtney says:

    This is too funny. Any­thing is bet­ter on a stick!


  2. Ben says:


  3. AikoVenus says:

    I thought that I was the only one who loved choco­late cov­ered potato-stuffs! A few weeks ago I made chocolate-covered french fries with veg­gie bacon — and now I need to make these fun lit­tle mustaches! ^^

  4. Marlene says:

    Hilar­i­ous! Espe­cially the photos!