This week’s Treat of the Week is the sweet­est of treats. It’s a lit­tle pho­to­graphic trip to a lovely new bak­ery in Seat­tle named Bouteloua Bak­ery.

A cou­ple of weeks ago, Megan, the owner, con­tacted me to let me know they were open and to see if I’d stop by the next time we were up in Seat­tle. Uh, yeah. You bet­ter believe it. You had me at vegan bakery.

Not only was Megan kind enough to invite me to her beau­ti­ful new space… she also had a spe­cial sur­prise wait­ing for me.

The orig­i­nal nom! cats, from days of yore…

This is, with­out a doubt, the coolest thing any­one has ever done for me. How rad are these cookies?!

So freak­ing cool!

The noms didn’t stop there, because it was time to load up.

Lemon rolls, sticky buns, rhubarb cake and choco­late chip cookies

OMG, every­thing was excel­lent, but the lemon rolls ruled my world. I adore cit­rus and this was bet­ter than I could have imagined.

The best gluten-free cup­cake I’ve ever had. Amaz­ingly fluffy and moist!

Megan, the bak­ing god­dess herself!

If you’re in or near Seat­tle, do your­self and favor and make sure you stop by Bouteloua! Being in the PacNW, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy lots of vegan bak­eries and Megan’s place is brand new and already at the top of my list. Seri­ously, Seattle’s got a vegan vir­tu­oso in its midst, so eat up! Thanks for the invite, Megan, and super thanks for the fab­u­lous nom cookies!

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4 Responses to how sweet it is, to be loved by you

  1. Megan says:

    Thank you so much for com­ing and for the beau­ti­ful post! Can’t wait to have you stop by again!

  2. Josiane says:

    One more thing to add to the list of rea­sons why I want to go and visit Seat­tle! The bak­ery (and the treats within!) looks fan­tas­tic. I don’t know when I’ll be able to make that trip hap­pen, but in the mean­time I’ll make sure to send my Seat­tle friends there… and I’ll enjoy the treats vicariously!

  3. Courtney says:

    Those cook­ies are way too cute!


  4. Kelly says:

    The Nom! cats are too cute!

    Thanks for the tip on the bak­ery — my fam­ily (sans me, wah!) will be in Seat­tle in a cou­ple of weeks, so I told them they should go check it out. My vegan mom will love it!