I have some awesome news- in addition to my own book being recently released, I am partnering with my publisher to bring you some more awesome giveaways! I am lucky enough to work with a publisher that has quite a few other awesome cookbook/food writers whose titles are sure to have you salivating!

For the next 5 weeks, I will be giving away one book each week by one of my Ulysses Press brethren. Make room on your book shelf and get ready to throw your hat in the ring!

Giveaway #1- Kelly Keough’s lovely new title- The 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes For Your Vegan Kitchen.

This is Kelly’s latest book and is truly a beautiful work. All of the recipes in this book are not only gluten-free and vegan, they are also sugar-free and run the gamut from simple spreads and treats to full on meals and recipes to make your own nut and seed milks. Kelly is really into clean eating, so there are plenty of raw options and lots of recipes to make the most out of our up-and-coming farmer’s market season.

Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. The random winner (US folks only, sorry!) will be announced next Monday, the 18th, in conjunction with our surprise giveaway title for next week!

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46 Responses to giveaway bonanza!

  1. Hope says:

    I don’t have any think I have any sort of gluten sensitivity, but I have been thinking of maybe giving it up for a bit to see how it goes…

  2. Lacey says:

    Gluten Free, Vegan AND sugarfree? Count me in. It sounds like summer in a book <3

  3. FoodFeud says:

    This sounds all-around great! I’d like to enter. Thanks, Kris.

  4. Cammy says:

    My sister and i are both vegan and she recently found out she’s sensitive to gluten so this book would be a huge help.

  5. Laura says:

    I’ve been vegan for several years but just completed week 1 of Kriss Carr’s 21-day Adventure Cleanse. I’ve kicked the coffee habit and have also removed all booze, sugar and gluten from my diet and eating more raw foods. I cook all the time but don’t dabble much in gluten-free stuff. But after starting this cleanse I’m gung ho on gluten-free and would love a copy of this book!

  6. KT says:

    Ooh, the book looks lovely. Om nom!

  7. Christine says:

    I would love this book, just because I want to take on the challenge of incorporating more sugar-free, gluten-free foods into my already vegan diet. :)

  8. Meisha says:

    This book looks so good

  9. Leslie says:

    This would make a lovely gift for a friend, who’s gluten-sensitive and vegan-curious!

  10. MollyG says:

    That book looks beautiful! And I’m trying really hard to be into clean eating, too so it sounds like a fit!

  11. Tiffany says:

    I’ve recently begun to make more conscious attempts at clean eating/reducing my sugar intake, so this cookbook giveaway comes with perfect timing! I’d love to win a copy. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I’m excited to see what else is in store! :)

  12. Jade says:

    Mmmmmmmm, looks like it’ll be amazing!

  13. Lori says:

    Looks like a great addition to any cookbook library!

  14. Jodie says:

    YEA!!! Id love to add this book to my collection. I love trying out new recipes. ♥♥

  15. MaryAngel says:

    LOve it.

  16. I’m with Hope. I’d love to try GF to see if it helps my stomach… =P

  17. Lynn Edelschein says:

    I want to WIN! What a great cookbook! I have mastered vegan cooking (well – sort of!) but now need to add gluten free to my tool kit! My sister and BFF are both and as a SPED teacher I love understanding how to cook in an ACCOMMODATING Way! YUM! Thanks for the opportunity! shout out!

  18. Karen says:

    Sounds great!

  19. Nancy Perkinson says:

    Would so LOVE a copy of this book!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    This cookbook sounds like a must have, everything I’m looking for thanks.

  21. Christina says:

    This book sounds like a great way for me to improve my gluten free baking and cooking my last adventures in gluten free were terrible (my fault probably).

  22. Toni says:

    This book looks really good & BTW congrats on yours i just ordered it on Amazon

  23. Christina says:

    Gluten free & Vegan=Great Combo

  24. Ooh, I’ve not even heard of this book yet! Even though I’m not xGFx, I do love the texture of gluten-free baked goods and especially the pastas.

  25. Aubrey says:

    We’ve recently found that my live-in 4yr old nephew is allergic to gluten and I need to start stocking up on gluten free cookbooks so I can make him some great treats!

  26. Amy says:

    I’d love to win this – specifically because of the info on making nut milks and raw eating!

  27. Claire says:

    Yums! This sounds delish! 😀

  28. Elisabeth says:

    Congratulations on your newly released book! This gluten free book looks very good, I need to eat less wheat gluten so this would be quite helpful.

  29. Mary L. says:

    This looks like a great book! Thanks for a the giveaway!

  30. Courtney says:

    I love the looks of that cookbook!


  31. Natassia says:

    I have been so excited about these two books!!! I am also planning on attending your lecture at the Kenton Library in May :)

  32. Nora says:

    I’ve been gluten-free for a while to deal with digestive issues, so a cookbook like this would be a useful addition to my collection. I also have a couple of good friends who are GF, so they’d appreciate it too! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  33. Kiddo says:

    Looks lovely! My recent decision to cut down on gluten has been surprised me. I feel actually feel healthier, not hungrier! I definitely need to overhaul my recipe collection though, and this would be a wonderfl start.

  34. Tofu Ted says:

    My brother has a gluten sensitivity. I always try to make food he can eat when he visits.

  35. Anna says:

    The book looks beautiful! And I always love reading through new vegan cookbooks!

  36. Liz Dean says:

    That sounds and looks awesome!! As a GF’er that is trying to eat closer to a vegan/raw diet….that book would be perfect! :)

  37. Nia says:

    This book seems like a great way for me to do more gluten free cooking

  38. debbie T says:

    That sounds like a great book! I’d love to learn more about gluten free AND being vegan! Thanks

  39. shannonmarie says:

    That cookbook sounds like a yummy prize :-)

  40. Sandra says:

    I would love to learn more about gluten free cooking

  41. Anthula says:

    I just received one of your other books (The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes)this past week. I’m just starting to feel my way around this new world of eating. I needed to make sure I could still satisfy my sweet tooth. Your new book sounds like it could fins wonderful place in my new world.

  42. Chely says:

    That book sounds interesting. I’ve been gluten free for 3 weeks now and would love to have more resources such as Kelly’s book. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  43. Oh my gosh, this is EXACTLY what I need! I’m vegan and wheat-sensitive, and hardly ever eat wheat, but struggle to find good recipes that are both vegan AND wheat-free to make when I have cooking/baking nights with my wheat-eating friends. I bet this would add some easier-on-my-gut recipes that we all can enjoy!

  44. Elena says:

    Would love to win this book! I’m vegan and it would be handy for cooking for my growing number of Celiac and gluten-intolerant friends.