Happy Tues­day and wel­come to part 2 of my series on nutri­tion, where we tackle cho­les­terol & fiber and vit­a­mins & min­er­als. Sound bor­ing? I promise, it’s not. :) For those who are inter­ested, I’m work­ing on get­ting these videos, along with the older cook­ing show videos, up on iTunes for down­load as a pod­cast. I’m wait­ing for the iTunes fairies to declare my mate­r­ial fit for oth­ers and then I will let you all know when they are available.

Seri­ously though, learn­ing about nutri­tion and food is not only inter­est­ing, it’s empow­er­ing! Tak­ing con­trol of what you’re eat­ing and truly under­stand­ing what your food does in your body is one of the best gifts you could ever give your­self. And this is just an overview, so there is plenty to explore beyond this brief intro.

Along with my post, here are some other inter­est­ing videos by Dean Ornish as well as a link to some more infor­ma­tion about pre­ven­ta­tive health care through your diet.

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