Happy Tuesday and welcome to part 2 of my series on nutrition, where we tackle cholesterol & fiber and vitamins & minerals. Sound boring? I promise, it’s not. :) For those who are interested, I’m working on getting these videos, along with the older cooking show videos, up on iTunes for download as a podcast. I’m waiting for the iTunes fairies to declare my material fit for others and then I will let you all know when they are available.

Seriously though, learning about nutrition and food is not only interesting, it’s empowering! Taking control of what you’re eating and truly understanding what your food does in your body is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself. And this is just an overview, so there is plenty to explore beyond this brief intro.

Along with my post, here are some other interesting videos by Dean Ornish as well as a link to some more information about preventative health care through your diet.

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