Okay, so tech­ni­cally quick bread was the win­ner of my sprouted wheat poll, but after con­sid­er­ing it I thought I’d take cook­ies for a spin with this first batch. I really wanted some­thing that would bake for a shorter amount of time to really show­case the fla­vor of the flour. The fresh flour has a sweet grassy fra­grance that I was wor­ried would bake out of it.

Plus, I now have an excuse to sprout more flour and give it a go with bread. :)

Giddy-Up Janes

These cook­ies can eas­ily be made with white whole wheat or an all-purpose flour rather than the sprouted wheat. They are a sweet oat­meal cookie with a kiss of peanut but­ter. Plus choco­late, they are nomtastic!

1 1/4 cup sprouted wheat flour (or white whole wheat or all-purpose)
1/2 teas. bak­ing soda
1/4 teas. cin­na­mon
1/4 teas. salt
1/2 cup mar­garine, room tem­per­a­ture
1 cup organic gran­u­lated sugar
1/4 cup nat­ural peanut but­ter
1/2 teas. vanilla
1 cup quick cook­ing oats
1/2 cup choco­late chips

Pre­heat oven to 350. Line a bak­ing sheet with parchment.

In a small bowl, com­bine the flour, bak­ing soda, cin­na­mon and salt. In a large bowl cream together the mar­garine and sugar. Add the peanut but­ter and vanilla mix well. Add the flour mix­ture to the mar­garine mix­ture and mix until incor­po­rated. Add the oat­meal in two batches, adding the choco­late chips with the sec­ond batch. The dough might be loose, but should be moist.

For dough into table­spoon sized balls and place on 2 inches apart on bak­ing sheet. Bake for 10 min­utes, until cook­ies puff up a bit and look golden. Let cool on cool­ing rack for 5 min­utes before mov­ing from bak­ing sheet to fin­ish cool­ing on rack.

Yields: 2 dozen cookies

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7 Responses to sprouted cookies = win!

  1. Hope says:

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about! :)

  2. Courtney says:

    Hey, no fair…I voted for quick bread, lol. These cook­ies look del­ish, though :-)


  3. Josiane says:

    Your cook­ies look fab! I don’t antic­i­pate hav­ing access to fresh sprouted wheat flour any time soon, but I’ll have to make them any­ways, as I’m sure they’re yummy even with reg­u­lar old non-sprouted wheat flour.

    But hey, you didn’t tell: did the cook­ies retain the sweet grassy fra­grance of your flour? If it really makes a good dif­fer­ence, I may try harder to find me some… 😉

    • Kris says:

      I’m sure they’ll be super yummy with reg­u­lar wheat! And yes, they totally did retain that fla­vor and it got even stronger the fol­low­ing day. It’s a totally good thing, too, even though it kind of sounds weird.

  4. Mo says:

    I’ve never had sprouted cook­ies before, but these look super good!