I like to do things that can be deemed “hardcore”.

Like sprout­ing wheat berries.

And dehy­drat­ing it.

And grind­ing it up for home­made flour.

So what if I’m a lit­tle crazy overly ambi­tious? It keeps things inter­est­ing? I can’t really grow and har­vest my own wheat from the ground up, but I fig­ure this gets me a lit­tle closer to the source. Sure, I could order sprouted wheat flour online, but where’s the fun in that?

I started with some soft white wheat berries from Bob’s Red Mill.

I soaked them over night then put them in my sprouter to give them the time to do their thing. It took about 2.5 days. This is not a project to embark on when seek­ing instant gratification.

Once it was sprouted then I had to dry the berries again before grind­ing them. That was a cinch thanks to one of my great new Christ­mas presents this year, my Excal­ibur 3900 dehy­dra­tor. A cou­ple of hours in there and we went from moist sprouts to:

Grind-ready in my handy-dandy friend, Edgar the Vita-Mix.

Bam! 30–45 sec­onds later my flour was fra­grant, ground and ready to go.

Now the ques­tion is, what should I use my first batch on? I’ve got about 2 cups worth of flour. What do you think?

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21 Responses to adventures in sprouted wheat– part 1

  1. Josiane says:

    If I were to tell you “Kris, that’s hard­core”, you would hear under­tones of encour­age­ment and admi­ra­tion! I love that you’re doing this, and am look­ing for­ward to see­ing what this first batch of flour becomes.

    On an unre­lated note, the Choco­late Stout Bread was smelling awe­somely good while it was bak­ing. I can’t wait to taste it!

  2. Pan­cakes!
    I only say this because I’ve been seri­ously crav­ing them the past few days and since I don’t have time I want to live vicariously.

  3. FoodFeud says:

    Haha, aww, that sounds like some really sweet doubt­ful encour­age­ment to me. The under­tak­ing does sound quite seri­ous but the final prod­uct looks amaz­ing! Fresh flour, hot damn!

  4. Erica Rose says:

    Mak­ing your own sprouted wheat flour IS hard­core! Ques­tion… is that the reg­u­lar Vita­Mix con­tainer, or the dry one?

    • Kris says:

      Erica– it’s just the reg­u­lar one. When I bought my machine I asked the guy about it and he told me that there wasn’t an actual need to buy the dry con­tainer if you don’t plan to grind that often, it’s more of on up-sell.

  5. T says:

    Woah, that is hard­core! But the end result look awesome!

  6. Amanda Nobile says:

    Wow! It’s like magic! You are very impressive!! :)

  7. Fanny says:

    You’re amaz­ing! What a great thing to do. Def­i­nitely hard­core in a good way.

  8. cmb0096 says:

    I have always wanted to sprout and then grind my own flours in the vita mix! BUT, I don’t have a dehydrator…can you think of any other way to dry out the sprouted grains/beans/etc? I worry about not get­ting them dry enough and mold or clump­ing etc…


    • chefJOSEPH says:

      @cmb0096: I sprout my sprouts near my wood burn­ing stove. One time I couldn’t get to them to rinse them and by the time I got back they were totally dried out. It was under a day near the hot stove.

    • Kris says:

      Good ques­tion. chefJOSEPH has a good idea. I was also think­ing you could put them in a warm oven (on the low­est set­ting pos­si­ble, with the oven door cracked ajar with a ball of tin foil) for a short period of time, but you want to make sure they don’t get too warm and toasted!

    • Courtney says:

      Great–both good tips–thanks! I don’t have a wood burn­ing stove, but I do have an oven. I might give it a try this weekend :-)


  9. Hope says:

    Awe­some!!! By the way, I voted for cook­ies because I don’t think I have every seen sprouted grain cook­ies before!

  10. Christiana says:

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