Look at this beautiful cake. So pretty. So elegant. What a perfect dinner.

Now, before you think I’m on a path straight to Type 2 diabetes, let me assure you that we have not digressed to eating cake for dinner (as tempting as it may often be). Several weeks ago, I was intrigued and humored by Mo’s “Meat” Cake. I’d wanted to run what that idea for Thanksgiving dinner, but with moving and what not, it wasn’t going to happen.

Until last weekend.

They say there is a first time for everything and I think that using my offset spatula and frosting tips on garlic mashed potatoes definitely fall into that category. I used my lentil and grain meatloaf recipe and made a double batch, which I baked in two 8 inch cake rounds. The center is filled with sweet potatoes, topped and frosted with garlic mashed potatoes and some cranberries and served with mushroom gravy. Strange but delicious, just the way I like it. :)

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12 Responses to a cake of a different feather…

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Wow. I saw this on her blog but it must have gotten lost in the Thanksgiving/MoFo chaos. This is certainly…something. It actually looks beautiful and seriously hearty.

  2. Fanny says:

    Oh you did it too! Yours is way prettier than mine, but I enjoyed it very much.

  3. louzilla says:

    Yesss, another “meat” cake! Yours looks so elegant, and the presentation is freakin’ awesome.

  4. Josiane says:

    Fun idea! I can easily imagine how delicious that must be. Yum!

  5. Leigh says:

    Yours looks great! Such a pretty mashed potato topping. After seeing Mo’s I threatened to make one of these myself, but Ken was seriously not having it. He’s weirded out by the food confusion.

  6. Amanda Nobile says:

    So pretty! And I bet so delish!

  7. spabettie says:

    this looks awesome! so pretty!

  8. Babygirl says:

    Very nice post and pictures.. very delish

  9. That looks great… I’m definitely going to have to try to make this soon! :)

  10. Michal says:

    How neat.. I have never seen anything like that before!

  11. Elisabeth says:

    This dinner cake looks stunning! I wish I thought about that idea for Thanksgiving!

  12. Nicole says:

    Lemme tell you, I was some relieved when I saw what you wrote below the second photo, ’cause when I saw that gravy on the plate and thought you’d made some sorta funky carrot cake, I was feelin’ kinda iffy about it all.

    This is going on my to-do list – it would be great to see my coworkers faces if I brought this to a potluck :)