Animals are supposed to be able to recognize things that are harmful to them and withdraw from the edge of danger. When we see fire, we retreat. When we come across an unknown berry in the woods, we don’t eat it.

Bindhi is apparently not that bright. She is terribly attracted to two big kitteh no-nos- chocolate and coffee. Sigh. At least she looks cute when she’s sniffing cookies or when she wraps her paws around my arm and pulls with all her might to smell my mug.

Recently Leigh paid me a very high compliment, calling my Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie recipe from 100 Best the “perfect chocolate chip cookie”. Aw… That inspired me to whip some up with chocolate chips and pistachios. So good! I love that Trader Joe’s sells preshelled pistachios, it makes life so much easier. (For those who have an interest in the chemistry of baking, notice how the shape of our cookies is different around the edges. I softened my margarine in the microwave and overdid it a but, it ended up slightly liquidy. The cookies where still soft and chewy, but you can see how it affected the shape. Interesting…)

I was going to post a recipe this week for vegan fruitcake (that actually tastes good!) but thought I’d do a little pole and see which recipe you’d like more. What do you think?

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3 Responses to kittehs and cookies!

  1. Josiane says:

    I am completely fascinated by the chemistry of baking; how little differences have an impact in this or that way on the final results – it’s fascinating! I wish I knew more about it.
    I won’t cast my vote in your poll since – lucky me – I have access to both recipes (if the fruitcake recipe is the one I think it is). I really should give both a try soon…

  2. Leigh says:

    Moe is always up in my business when I have chocolate, too. He has no idea that kitties can’t have chocolate. Silly kittehs.

  3. Amanda Nobile says:

    Your kitty is so darn cute!!!!!! I love the photos of her!!! And those cookies…yum!!!