When there are lots of things going on in your life at the same time, the first thing to usu­ally go is a good meal plan. Quick fixes and faux meat tend to fill the gaps and I always can always feel it. It makes me slug­gish and just feel icky, frankly.

We’re mid-move and I’m try­ing hard to not let that hap­pen this time and it’s going much bet­ter than expected, thanks to my lovely rice/pressure cooker and some help from a bot­tle– Orig­i­nal Yumm! Sauce from Cafe Yumm! Yumm Sauce is an inde­scrib­able, tangy, cheezy sauce that makes every­thing deli­cious. Jess even made her own ver­sion of it (with links to other adap­ta­tions!), so you can try it, too!

yay! crappy cell phone pic!

Quinoa in the cooker, chick­peas from a can, some chopped up zuc­chini and car­rots sticks on top and a driz­zle of sauce on top– per­fect, deli­cious and nutri­tious. Spot on when you need good food, fast and ready in about 15 min­utes, with leftovers.

What sat­is­fy­ing eats do you enjoy when you’re short on time?

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12 Responses to winner, winner, chickpea dinner!

  1. Hope says:

    I hate to admit it but when I am in a rush it’s usu­ally some pasta and a jarred sauce for din­ner, maybe with some bean balls from Veg­a­nomi­con… I also love mak­ing cous­cous (so fast and easy!) and add what­ever sort of left over veg­gies I have in the fridge.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Mmmm, the roasted gar­lic vari­a­tion sounds tasty!!

  3. Beth says:

    Wow. I must make that sauce!

    When I’m short on time, I love grab­bing a Trader Joe’s veg­gie corn­dog with some mus­tard. Meal on a stick!

  4. Amanda Nobile says:

    I am going to order that sauce! Yumm!!! Pun totally intended :) As for quick meals.….the hubby makes an awe­some “chicken cheese steak”. Okay, it tastes noth­ing like a chicken cheese steak, but it’s really yummy! All you do is throw chopped/broken bits of whole grain tem­peh in a pan with a lit­tle olive oil, chopped onions and chopped green pep­pers. Then you add some Amy’s BBQ sauce and some Daiya ched­dar and then you let it all hang out for a few min­utes. Then you plop the del­ish mix­ture on a sprouted grain roll and voila! A quick salad on the side and you’re good to go!

  5. spabettie says:

    hee!! I love Cafe Yumm… I used to work off Hawthorne and would eat Whole Bowl A LOT… I had not heard of Cafe Yumm yet (I know, WHAT??) and I recre­ated Whole Bowls sauce… which is pretty much the same thing… I love that stuff.

    I make a batch of quinoa each Mon­day — to use through the week — and a quick lunch is always a quinoa + beans + veg­gie bowl = YUMM ! 😀

  6. Sounds like a per­fect, quick meal to me! I love quinoa bowls, they are def­i­nitely high up on my list of quick and deli­cious dinners.

  7. Josiane says:

    I hope the move goes smoothly! :)

    When we’re short on time, my gen­tle­man friend and I turn to our trusty bean salad: two cans of mixed beans, one can of corn and one of sliced olives (or what­ever left­over veg­gies we may have on hand). While he opens the cans and mixes the stuff, I usu­ally put on a pot of quinoa to cook, and make some home­made dress­ing. If I don’t even have the 15–20 min­utes needed to cook quinoa, we’ll sim­ply eat it with bread. Et voilà!

  8. I want some Yumm Sauce! That sounds fas­tas­tic! Where’d you buy it?

  9. jess scone says:

    dude, I know how to make it now, but even I was SO TEMPTED to pick up a bot­tle last time I was there. I find myself there far too often now, and there’s a new one com­ing down­town this spring/summer!

  10. Courtney says:

    When time is tight, a big every­thing in the fridge salad always hits the spot for me!


  11. yeah, i do a grain/bean/greens bowl all the time. after i put on quinoa/millet/brown rice(if i feel like i can wait 40mins), then saute some canned beans with onion and herbs and steam some kale. I top with nooch and God­dess dress­ing. yum!

  12. That looks deli­cious! Can’t wait to make it myself. Great tips!