Wow, so the first week of Vegan MoFo is rolling to a close. So far, so good! There has been lots of amaz­ing food to look at and I’m dis­cov­er­ing so many new-to-me blogs! That’s what it’s all about, right?

So, restau­rant posts seem like a bit of a cop-out. Which they are. But, if you want someone’s opin­ion on a restau­rant, it’s really nice to read blog reviews, right? Please excuse the poor qual­ity of the pic­tures, as my cam­era on my phone is less-than-spectacular.

First stop is Dick’s Kitchen, in SE Port­land. This is a newer restau­rant that has cropped up in the space next to Laugh­ing Planet, a space that is owned and oper­ated by Laugh­ing Planet, but has cycled through four dif­fer­ent eat­ing estab­lish­ments in the past 4 years. It’s got a mod-retro diner feel and spe­cial­izes in burg­ers. I’m usu­ally pretty “meh” about that sort of thing, but a friend men­tioned that they serve vegan milk­shakes. Veg­gie burg­ers, fries AND vegan milk­shakes? Okay, I had to go.

the afore­men­tioned crappy cell phone pic.

I had a tem­peh burger with BBQ sauce, some fries and a choco­late milk­shake, which was made with Coconut Bliss, an extra spe­cial treat. I wasn’t entirely won over, but I will go back and try some­thing else on their menu. My par­tic­u­lar meal was good, but not over­whelm­ingly so, although I love the fact that they make every­thing from scratch. Any by every­thing, I mean every­thing. Ketchup, pick­les, BBQ sauce, etc. Very cool.

Although this makes me come back to a point that I’ve often won­dered: is it pos­si­ble to get a vegan milk­shake that’s actu­ally thick? Like straining-to-suck-through-the-straw thick? They are always so runny and smoothie-like. Sip does a pretty good job, but when I see vegan milk­shakes on the menu, I am often let down.

Mov­ing on to other noms: Back to Eden. If you’re a Port­lander, BtE is now a Port­land sta­ple, fa ormer whole­sale bak­ery turned NE Port­land bakeshop/cafe. We stopped in for a bite on Hal­loween night and ended up with these beauties.

A gluten-free choco­late cup­cake with orange cream frost­ing. One of the things I love about their but­ter­cream (a thing I am noto­ri­ously picky about) is that it’s just right. Not crunchy with an overkill of sug­ary sweet­ness, but not bland, leav­ing an oil slick in your mouth (I’m talk­ing to you, Saint Cup­cake). Smooth and sweet, the way but­ter­cream should be.

A but­ter­scotch pud­ding tart. Don’t you love the lit­tle choco­late spider’s web? This was phe­nom­e­nal and had Jim and I fork spar­ring for the last bite. Yum.

And now, for the Vegan MoFo week 1 give­away win­ner! Each week I’m pick­ing a ran­dom post and giv­ing away a ran­dom prize to a ran­dom com­men­tor. This week I hap­pened to pick the post that has the prize in it: the gar­lic post! The win­ner is, none other than our lovely, preg­gers Leigh! Leigh, you pick whether you want the rub­ber peeler or the Zoom and it’s yours, baby mama.

Have a great week­end and I’ll see you here next week for more MoFo!

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11 Responses to restaurant füd and the giveaway!

  1. Josiane says:

    Can you believe I’ve spent sev­eral days on NE Alberta and man­aged to not go to Back to Eden? *sigh* Oh well, that speaks to the fact that it wasn’t hard to find treats pretty much every­where, I guess, though I’m sure it’s well worth it to make it there. There will be a next time, though, and when it hap­pens I’ll make sure to pay them a visit!

  2. radioactivegan says:

    Con­grats to Leigh! I wish I’d read about these places before going to Port­land. I’ll have to check them out next time I’m there.

  3. leigh says:

    Hey, I’m a wiener! Thanks Kris! The Gar­lic Zoom sure will come in handy :)

  4. Laurel says:

    I am so jeal­ous! There is not one, nil, zilch, I repeat, nary one vegan restau­rant within 50 miles of me. Sob. I know, you feel my pain. The pics look good espe­cially those gor­geous desserts. I would have fork won for sure.

  5. Mo says:

    That cup­cake looks so awesome!

  6. Alec says:

    Is “Back to Eden” the place where I got the Cus­tom Cupcake?

  7. Claryn says:

    I always make my milk­shakes super thick… I think at vegan-friendly restau­rants, it’s often just a mat­ter of soy/rice milk being cheaper than ice cream, so the ratio is some­times a lit­tle silly. Any­way, all of that looks delicious!

  8. Lacey says:

    I like restau­rant reviews. How else will I know if some­thing is stel­lar or disappointing?

    that piece of ice­berg let­tuce on your burger makes me sad. I auto­mat­i­cally judge restau­rants that use ice­berg. To me, there’s just no excuse.

  9. Oh my. Want cup­cake and tart.

  10. Elisabeth says:

    The spi­der web cake is cute!