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There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. That good thing right now is cake.


With cooler weather on its way and the desire eat heartier foods pulling at me, I’m also feel­ing the need to take a step back and freshen up my palette. My recipe for recal­i­bra­tion = fruits and veg­gies, and lots of ‘em!

Break­fasts have con­sisted of mon­ster green smooth­ies which eas­ily stick to my ribs and tide me over until lunch with a lit­tle scoop of hemp seeds. Lunch varies between sal­ads, soups, stews and veg­gie chili. Din­ner, we’ve been keep­ing light with yum­mies such as this:

Mex­i­can spiced beans with sauteed bell pep­per and onion and a healthy blob of guac in a crisp leaf of let­tuce. Oh, guacamole-topped-anything, how I love thee.

When I don’t feel like cook­ing, one of my favorite places to eat (besides Blos­som­ing Lotus, for whom my heart burns bright), I jour­ney across the river to Prasad, which shares the Yoga in the Pearl space which BL once held. “Prasad” is a San­skrit word mean­ing “holy food” and this place pretty much nails it on the head. They have that whole natural-meets-gourmet thing well worked out and some of my favorite dishes to turn to are of the raw pasta vari­ety. If you’ve never had raw pasta before, behold:

Above is my favorite, the Love Pasta. Zuc­chini noo­dles, adorned with hemp pesto, some greens, toma­toes, car­rots and a cashew cream sauce that is mouth­wa­ter­ingly fab­u­lous. They even cap it off with a dar­ling car­rot heart. Aw…

Above is the Sea Ceasar Pasta, zuc­chini noo­dles coated in a sea­weed spiked Ceasar dress­ing, with some cucum­bers, raw kale and car­rots tie it all together. Creamy and deli­cious, Prasad knows their raw pas­tas. Sorry that the pic­tures don’t do more jus­tice to the food, as they were from my phone.

I HAVE to get one of those spi­ral cut­ters for zuc­chini, it’s just amaz­ing the kind of noo­dles it makes! I am expe­ri­enc­ing some seri­ous raw food envy, between the amaz­ing food that I get here and my raw foodie co-worker, who is always telling me about her lat­est adven­tures with her dehy­dra­tor. Ah, vegan eat­ing… And peo­ple think we’re deprived… :)

What kinds of things do you like to eat when you’re try­ing to clean up your act? Or if you’re just a raw/whole foods lover (as I sus­pect most of you are), what are your favorite treats or meals? The fine folks at Nasoya have gifted me with some coupons for 1 free item and they have some yummy prod­ucts to tickle your taste­buds. On Fri­day I’ll ran­domly pick 3 lucky peo­ple to get these coupons (US only again, sorry), so leave a note with your healthy eat­ing suggestions!

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16 Responses to cleanin’ up my act… for now

  1. Josiane says:

    Ah, Prasad… that brings back mem­o­ries of a yummy din­ner in lovely com­pany! Can’t wait to do it again!

  2. Abby Bean says:

    It’s that time again to bust out the brus­sel sprouts: my fave veg­gie & act cleaner-upper. I like to roast them sim­ply & add some chest­nuts to the mix.

  3. aimeekluiber says:

    I bought a spi­ral­izer over the sum­mer and I love it! It’s amaz­ing how much zuc­chini tastes like pasta when it has a fab­u­lous sauce on it! I only wish I had a lit­tle more time to exper­i­ment! It’s so much fun…you totally deserve one!

  4. Hope says:

    I love to make a “cream” sauce for pasta with pureed cau­li­flower, roasted gar­lic and olive oil. The tex­ture and taste is so creamy and yummy you’ll feel like you should be hav­ing some sort of guilt but it’s good for you and won’t give you a fat gut with match­ing love handles…

  5. Amanda Nobile says:

    To clean out, I love brown rice. It’s so sim­ple, yet so yummy and so good for the belly! For an actual meal, I’ll add brown rice to some home­made veg­gie chili — yum!

    Also, for the fall, I love to make squash risotto. Risotto + veg­gie stock, then add in one pack­age of frozen squash (thawed/defrosted in microwave first), sea salt, pep­per and some vegan parme­san cheese. It tastes almost like mac and cheese, but is so much bet­ter for you!

  6. Hope says:

    The cau­li­flower sauce is super easy. All you gotta do is steam the cauliflower,add some milk (we use almond) or veg­gie stock (if I’m try­ing to be really low cal),olive oil, gar­lic salt, pep­per, some­times fresh basil. Throw it in the blender and your good to go! Really good.

  7. Sarah says:

    For healthy but com­fort­ing in fall and win­ter I use this recipe my aunt invented. It’s as hearty as any chili I ever had even in my for­mer meat eat­ing days and has only about 100 calo­ries per 8 oz cup. (with­out vegan sour cream) And lots of fiber and pro­tein!