It’s very hot in Port­land. Mean­ing in the 90s. Most folks here don’t have air con­di­tion­ing, so it can get pretty mis­er­able. We are for­tu­nate enough to live in a house that sits north-south on the lot with few side win­dows, mean­ing that we get vir­tu­ally no direct sun­light in the lower level of our home, keep­ing it rel­a­tively cool; this is the only time of year this fac­toid is beneficial.

But, I’m not com­plain­ing. The PacNW has been get­ting ripped off from hav­ing a full sum­mer, with lots of weather in the 70’s, so I’m soak­ing it up. The clouds and driz­zle will rejoin us soon enough, so in the mean­time I’m enjoy­ing the ice cream maker I pur­chased on clear­ance last fall.

I adapted this recipe from a local food pub­li­ca­tion called Edi­ble Port­land. This was my first try at using Mim­ic­Cream, as I’ve just used soy milk in the past for ice cream. I would prob­a­bly try it with soy creamer next time as the tex­ture of the Mim­ic­Cream is nice, but there is a def­i­nitely a dis­cernible trace of nut fla­vor, even with all of the plum fla­vor. Not a bad thing, per se, but I’d like to try it without.

That said, we’re still really enjoy­ing this cool, tasty treat plus I was able to use a vari­ety of local plums. An ice cream maker is a totally unnec­es­sary and indul­gent toy and takes up a lot of space, but when you want to make some­thing ran­dom like this, it’s sure nice to have one!

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5 Responses to i’m melting…

  1. Josiane says:

    What a lovely color! I bet those local plums are deli­cious.
    I think I would quite enjoy the slight nutty taste and would even add nuts as to try and recre­ate in vegan ice cream form my favorite (non vegan) yogurt fla­vor: plum and wal­nuts — that one was *so* yummy! I’m not sure I can find Mim­ic­Creme here though; I’ll keep my eyes open so that I don’t miss it when it finally makes it to my food co-op. :)

  2. Oh man, no AC?! We’ve been in the high 90s/low 100s in Mem­phis, but AC is a must here. I went to a party at this hippie/community house on Fri­day and they didn’t have AC. I could only stand it for about an hour, but my clothes were stick­ing to me and I just had to get out of there. Stay cool. Eat lots of ice cream!

  3. Melisser says:

    The color of that ice cream is GORGEOUS! We’re also hav­ing 90s in Vienna and Europe is the WORST for air con­di­tion­ing. AUGH!

  4. Jessica says:

    Beau­ti­ful color ice cream. I’ve not seen Mim­ic­Creme around here, but then again I’ve not been look­ing for it! ;-D Thanks for the tip!

    Hang on, it will start get­ting cooler soon!

  5. stina72682 says:

    Mmm­mmm I would love to nom nom nom that!

    And yeah, I love your pimped out page!