Chocolate almond milk has always been staple in our house. It’s just SO good! When stocking up last week, I noticed something new- chocolate hazelnut milk! Pacific has also started carrying their own hemp milk, so we decided to have a nut milk showdown. The judges were: myself and my little brother Alec.

The votes:

Almond milk- still the reigning champ at #1.
Hazelnut milk- a very close second. More cocoay than chocolatey, but with a nice hint of hazelnuts. Reminded me of Nutella.
Hemp milk- okay in a pinch, but Living Harvest’s hemp milk is much better.

Hazelnut milk- dissenting, Alec felt that the presence of the hazelnut flavor took this chocolate milk up a notch. The mouth feel was better than the almond milk.
Almond milk- it was sweet and chocolatey, but “full of almondness”- I don’t know what that means. :)
Hemp milk- Meh. Not as good as Living Harvest.

So, it’s inconclusive, but since it’s my blog I’m the boss, so it appears that almond milk is still the champion, but hazelnut will become a frequent visitor. Drank in our Welch’s jelly jars, of course.

What’s your favorite chocolate milk?

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5 Responses to chocolate nut milk showdown

  1. Josiane says:

    Hazelnut chocolate milk? It’s like Nutella in a glass!
    It’s extremely rare that I buy flavored milks (actually, I can even say it’s rare that I buy milk, as I make my own soymilk), and when I do, it’s almost never chocolate. Not that I don’t like it, of course, but I kind of feel I can add my own sugar and cocoa (or chocolate) to plain milk if ever I feel like it. The treat I get myself once in a while, though, is Natur-a strawberry milk. Oh goodness! It has nothing of the chemical-y taste you sometimes find in strawberry-flavored stuff, no: just real strawberry goodness. I particularly like it in winter, when it feels like strawberry season is so far away… I don’t know if you can find Natur-a products in the States, though – if not, you have to come visit me, and I’ll make sure you try that yummy milk! :)

  2. DJ Karma says:

    I just posted on making milks! I love chocolate anything, so I think the next one I make will include cocoa nibs in the mix. Hope it turns out!

    Anyway, if you’re interested in getting a soymilk maker, I’m offering a $10 discount on one.

  3. Courtney says:

    I am with you–almond milk all the way!!


  4. That Mom says:

    Never tried chocolate hazelnut milk but now I want to. My 4yo is on a dairy free diet and prefers chocolate almond milk (Silk brand) over chocolate soy milk.

  5. Spicyveg says:

    I just bought Hazelnut milk – my local stop and shop just starting carrying it! I am very excited to try it. I bought the vanilla though because I always use unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my cereal, and just to drink. I actually have never tried any chocolate milks except for Silk which I didn’t care for and 8th continent chocolate soy which I LOVE but can’t seem to find anymore. sadface.