I’m in love.

I adore Port­land. I love it so much that even thought Seat­tle has supe­rior Asian cui­sine and Mighty O Donuts, I am still always happy to see the Port­land sky­line when we arrive back in town, home of my beloved Blos­som­ing Lotus, Proper Eats, Black Sheep and many, many others.

Enter Thrive, a newish (1 year old, maybe?) vegan restau­rant in Seat­tle, con­ve­niently located in our family’s neigh­bor­hood. It’s pri­mar­ily a raw restau­rant, with it’s only cooked food being some grains included in some recipes. The decor is warm and invit­ing. You can pur­chase some of the ingre­di­ents in bulk while you’re there. The ser­vice is incred­i­ble, so friendly and warm you’d think the work­ers were on something.

And they are! They are on their incred­i­ble, crave-inducing food that almost cre­ated an embar­rass­ing When Harry Met Sally scene, as I had to keep shush­ing Jim as he exclaimed and made yummy noises with con­cern­ing gusto. It’s that sim­ple kind of food, healthy and whole foods based, that explodes in your mouth upon con­tact. Lots of places can make food healthy, but to make a nutri­tious meal bor­der­line (food)pornographic takes tal­ent and they’ve got it at Thrive.

The pic­tures aren’t so hot, as I was more con­cerned with stuff­ing my face than pho­tograph­ing the food, but you’ll get the drift.

Boutenko’s Best smoothie– not quite as green as it nor­mally is (I’ve had it twice now) as they were out of kale, but SO deli­cious and refresh­ing. Made, of course, in a Vita-Mix. Vita-Mix represent!

This is the Awaken Bowl, a base of Bhutanese red rice and quinoa with raw zuc­chini, car­rots, scal­lions, veg­gies, mar­i­nated spinach, avo­cado and nori with a side of sesame-ginger sauce. This meal is so amaz­ingly sat­is­fy­ing and com­plex, it blows my mind.

Okay, I know this pic­ture is ter­ri­ble, but we got dessert to-go and it was taken under the dome light of a 24-year-old car. So all things con­sid­ered, it’s a great photo. 😉

This dessert… there are no words. Jim likes really tra­di­tional desserts, a piece of cake or a cookie. He’s not much a “fancy” dessert per­son. This is a slice of choco­late straw­berry swirl mousse pie. All raw. MIND-BLOWING. I don’t nor­mally like to share desserts, but the slice was gen­er­ous and very rich, so I was happy to split it with Jim, who was eagerly spoon-fed as he tried to keep it cool while con­sum­ing said mousse pie while dri­ving and keep us on the road. This was lit­er­ally one of the most deli­cious things I’ve ever eaten. Period.

So while Port­land is where my heart is, Thrive has lodged itself firmly in there and I’m gladly mak­ing space.

And in other news… I’m going to be on TV next week! A local morn­ing show, AM North­west on KATU news, will be fea­tur­ing lit­tle ol’ me on a morn­ing seg­ment next Tues­day on vegan bak­ing as a New Year’s res­o­lu­tion to a health­ier and friend­lier lifestyle. I will post the link to the show once it’s up. Hor­ray for vegan baking!

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9 Responses to a review and vegan baking on the tv…

  1. Whoa. That raw pie looks out of this world good. I’d have had a hard time dri­ving after eat­ing that too!

  2. I mean, “while” eat­ing that!

  3. cmb0096 says:

    Don’t for­get MN, lol! Haha–just kidding…that place sounds fan­tas­tic, and I am jeal­ous of all your Port­land eats :-)

    Con­grats on the TV appear­ance! How cool are you?! Good luck–what are you going to make?


    • Kris says:

      Thanks! There are some good places in Mpls, no disrespect. :)

      I’m going to make the “You Are My Sun­shine Bread”. It’s got some good sea­sonal ingre­di­ents and is a very tasty and healthy bread for break­fast or as a snack. Since they are gear­ing it more towards health, it kind of lim­its what I can pick, LOL. No one is extend­ing their life expectancy from eat­ing cook­ies or cake, vegan or not. :)

  4. Jojo says:

    The awaken bowl looks deli­cious, just what I need right now!

  5. Katie Jayne says:

    I have walked by Thrive so many times when I’m in Seat­tle vis­it­ing fam­ily but I haven’t gone in yet. I’ll have to give it a try next time I’m in Seat­tle! Thanks for post­ing the review!

  6. Stacey says:

    The pie looks amaz­ing. Any chance you’ll try and recre­ate so we can bask in the deli­cious glory of your cre­ative efforts? Poten­tial recipe in next cook­book install­ment? Looks like it’s worth the wait.

    Con­grats on your tele­vi­sion cameo. Have fun!

    • Kris says:

      We shall see. I’d love to make it, but have never dab­bled in raw desserts. It’s a tempt­ing propo­si­tion, though…

  7. Jamie says:

    Kris, Just spent a cou­ple of hours look­ing over your book.
    Why was I wast­ing so much time on those “almost real but not quite” vegan recipes? I can’t wait to get started. Maybe I’ll do a ‘Julie and Julia’ thing and work my way through the recipes!!!
    I also wanted to reply on your new pots and pans. Not sure what kind you got but I found some that are not nearly as expen­sive as the ‘C’ brand and are just as good. They rated best value in Cooks Illus­trated recently. They are called Tra­mon­tina all clad stain­less steel. You can get them at Wal­Mart for $150 for an 8 piece set. I love them so much that I got some for my son for Christ­mas. A great option for those who really want a good set of stain­less steel all clad and don’t want to pay the higher prices.