I’m feel­ing the post-holiday impact. True, we still have New Year’s to ring in, but the giant feasts, present wrap­ping and fam­ily wran­gling are behind us. It always leaves me feel­ing simul­ta­ne­ously wist­ful and grateful.

I hope you had a won­der­ful hol­i­day sea­son. I got com­pletely spoiled in the kitchen by the won­der­ful Jim. I received a set of pots and pans that I’ve been want­ing for some time now, but couldn’t really jus­tify splurg­ing on. I had very spe­cific things I wanted in a set (stain­less, tri-ply, no non-stick, glass lids) so when I came across a set that met my desires, it seemed too good to be true… but I didn’t really need them. They are a great deal though, very high qual­ity but not too expen­sive. Not want­ing to play with fate and have them go out of pro­duc­tion, Jim got them for me, along with a stock­ing full of fun kitchen gad­gets I can’t wait to play with.

Did you do any fun hol­i­day baking?

Like these deli­cious Cran­berry Almond Squares from Bak­ing Bites… (veg­a­nized with apple­sauce for the eggs). I also added a lit­tle almond extract to make them very almond flavored.

Some Lemon Drop Cookies…

The often imi­tated but never rivaled Choco­late Peanut But­ter Shells (my favorite!)

Some Spice Spiked Choco­late Chunk Cookies.

Some Chewy Choco­late Pep­per­mint Cook­ies topped with some Choco­late UFOs from Trader Joe’s.

All were safely stowed away into fes­tive tins for our co-workers to enjoy!

What treats did you indulge in?

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8 Responses to holiday wrap up

  1. Josiane says:

    I didn’t bake as much treats as I’d have liked to, but you’ve packed enough inspi­ra­tion in that post to keep me going for New Year’s (or even post-holidays) treats!
    What I did bake was a frangi­pan pie, inspired by Shelly’s ver­sion found here — I sub­sti­tuted a thick home­made blue­berry sauce for the jam, and it was delicious!

  2. Linda says:

    Kris — since i pur­chased your “100 Best..” cook­book — it has been a MAINSTAY in my kitchen! i can­not keep enough of your ‘BEST BANANA BREAD’ in the house… I made it x 3 in just the past 24 hours– adding choco­late chips in a few of the recipes, I will admit… itis so easy and quick to make — and so healthy for my 14 and 17 year old daughters.

    Randy’s Upside Down Sticky Muffins’ is another recipe i almost know by heart now b/c i make it so often. It def­i­nitely earns a ‘cus­tomer top choice’ award in my house [cus­tomers being my 2 teens!]

    I made so many recipes of your Snick­er­doo­dles — I love that recipe — it is so rich — no one in my hubby’s per­snick­ety fam­ily even real­ized they were vegan!

    Thanks for shar­ing all these — and so many, many more that I’ve tried with all of us!!!!


    • Kris says:

      Aw, Linda, thank you so much! I’m SO happy that you’ve been mak­ing the sticky muffins! I was recently lament­ing to my hus­band that no one has men­tioned mak­ing them yet and they are one of my favorite recipes. I’m glad you and your fam­ily has been enjoy­ing the cook­book and that you were able to pull one over on your in-laws!


  3. Molly Walter says:

    I made two cook­ies that my mom always makes for hol­i­days and they were tasty. BUT yours look so much bet­ter. I think next hol­i­day will be all vegan bak­ing for me and shhhh, I won’t tell the fam­ily and they will be shocked after one bite! :)

  4. nicoleee says:

    i want to eat them. you make every­thing look wonderful.

    thank you, kris!

  5. Ang says:

    I’ve been mak­ing loads of your “Bet­ter than Bread­sticks”, “Gar­lic Rolls” and vari­a­tions of these (2 batches last night).
    I can’t get enough of the Lemon Drop cook­ies and I made a big batch for my par­ents (My Mum is a huge lemon merange pie lover) and we ate them all in one sit­ting :-)
    I am look­ing for­ward to your next cook­book, thank you so much for all the won­der­ful recipes :-)