There are plenty of good things to be thank­ful for this time of year– an awe­some hus­band, good fur kids (even if we do mostly refer to them as “the jerks), a great new job, my health– but what I truly appre­ci­ate and am hum­bled by my husband’s family.

I know that the hol­i­days can bring out the worst in fam­i­lies when it comes to being veg. Jokes about turkey and ham, con­stant harass­ment about what you eat, what you don’t eat and open judg­ment are things that many peo­ple have to con­tend with on top of what­ever other fam­ily bag­gage you may carry around. Oy.

I am thank­ful that my husband’s fam­ily was happy to eat a vegan Thanks­giv­ing din­ner and was fine let­ting me take charge and cook a large major­ity of it– as I was happy doing so and haul­ing it the 3 hours north to Seattle.

Our cen­ter­piece this year was a chickpea/white wine/ herb/ caramelized onion tart.

Jim gets mad at me because I have this bad ten­dency of mak­ing things up as I go along, which was the case with this. I had an idea of what I wanted, but no recipe, and just kind of threw it all together and hoped for the best. I know it will catch up with me some day, but for now as long as the out­come is tasty, I will dis­miss the poten­tial fears and keep playing.

My sister-in-law’s awe­some cran­ber­ries. If you think “Meh, a cran­berry is a cran­berry” you haven’t had these babies.

Crem­ini mush­room gravy.

Roasted yam/onion/bell pep­per dish cour­tesy of my S-i-L. Nom.

Stuff­ing. Made from a mix because I’m lazy like that and hon­estly like it bet­ter that way. Jazzed up with onions and cel­ery. Can’t remem­ber what brand… one of the organic ones.

Browned “but­ter”, sage and but­ter­nut squash quinoa.

Better-than Bread­sticks” from The 100 Best Vegan Bak­ing Recipes.

Mashed ‘taters.

Choco­late Peanut But­ter Cheeze­cake. My ganache cracked, which made me sad, but it was really good.

Cinn-ful Apple Cake” from The 100 Best Vegan Bak­ing Recipes, served with left­over cran­ber­ries for OMG goodness.

No pump­kin pie?” you ask? Hey, don’t be such a skep­tic! For as much as I love every other incar­na­tion of pump­kin, we’re not big pump­kin pie peo­ple in our fam­ily, so I decided to forgo it for other yummy delights. I assure you, despite this sus­pect expres­sion, there were no complaints.

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14 Responses to thanksgiving wrap-up

  1. DJ Karma says:

    Wow– did not miss the pump­kin pie!

  2. Josiane says:

    Your chick­pea tart sounds absolutely deli­cious! When an idea is that good, how could the out­come not be tasty? :) Any chances of you shar­ing some of the details about it? (gen­eral guide­lines would be totally fine)
    Every­thing else looks yummy — you had quite the feast!

  3. Kathleen says:

    If that doesn’t give peo­ple a good impres­sion of veg­an­ism, I don’t know what would!

  4. prideandvegudice says:

    Oh, wow! I would love the recipe for that browned “but­ter squash quinoa dish! And I’m so jeal­ous you had a PB pie for thanksgiving!

  5. kilax says:

    That looks great! And it’s great that your in-laws didn’t mind you bring­ing the vegan food. That would make me feel so much more at ease!

  6. Megan says:

    That all looks delicious!

  7. Kiersten says:

    That cheese­cake looks AMAZING! Your whole meal sounds deli­cious, I am sure no one in your husband’s fam­ily missed the meat.

  8. cmb0096 says:

    OMG…that gravy looks AH-mazing! YUM!

    Heck–I say your wing­ing it non-recipe recipes look and prob­a­bly taste fan­tas­tic, so you might as well go with it! It is even bet­ter when you share your results :-)

    Happy Thanks­giv­ing!


  9. How awe­some! My fam­ily makes all the sides vegan, and I bake a Field Roast … but they cer­tainly wouldn’t forgo a turkey for me! You’re super-lucky!

    And the onion tart looks amaz­ing, espe­cially for some­thing cre­ated on the fly.

  10. Vaala says:

    Wow! That is one awe­some Thanks­giv­ing feast! That chick­pea tart looks amaz­ing (and so does that choco­late peanut but­ter cheeze­cake but I sus­pect that went with­out saying).

  11. Leigh says:

    I’m glad we aren’t the only fur par­ents who call our cats jerks. Actu­ally, only Miles gets called “jerk”. Moe gets called “the best cat in the world”. Good thing they don’t speak english. :)

    • Kris says:

      We always joke about how much money we’d need to spend on ther­apy for our cats if they could under­stand what we say some­times. But our lat­est kitty has made it very appar­ent that two of our “orig­i­nal” cats are seri­ous ass­holes. So they hear about it, when deserving. 😛

  12. Stacey says:

    I must thank you pro­fusely for your Pump­kin Cin­na­mon Swirl Cheese­cake recipe. At Thanks­giv­ing I was a lone vegan amidst a sea of friends and fam­ily who aren’t. I got some crazy eye­brow lifts from my tot­ing along a Tofurky but come dessert time, I had my secret weapon: Pump­kin Cin­na­mon Swirl Cheese­cake. I was no longer the weird Tofurky girl. No, I was trans­formed into genius girl with the cool and deli­cious dessert. Despite the pres­ence of a “real” pump­kin cheese­cake, your recipe seemed to lure the most acco­lades. It was deli­cious, seri­ously. I have and will con­tinue to incur a wrath of Tofurky jokes, but am thank­ful that I have Pump­kin Cin­na­mon Swirl as a retort.

    A Hanukkah party is around the cor­ner. I’m haul­ing the Pump­kin Cin­na­mon Swirl there and look for­ward to eat­ing it again. Yum!

    Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a rough sketch of the tart. Looks yummy.

    Thanks for your won­der­ful recipes!