Cold weather inspires com­fort food. Given that my poorly adapted Port­land body has been head­ing to work in 40 degree weather, com­fort­ing meals have been call­ing me.

Behold the clas­sic soup and sam­mie combo:


Tomato soup with a panini-pressed sand­wich. The sand­wich is on Dave’s bread with one side smeared with a gar­licky bean spread and the other with kala­mata olive Tofutti cream cheese, with grilled egg­plant and zuc­chini in the mid­dle (from Trader Joe’s).

Here is my soup dilemma– I like really creamy tomato soup and haven’t been able to make it really creamy and not resem­bling the fla­vor and con­sis­tency of tomato sauce. Recipes/ideas/help?

My ladies like to assist in the din­ner­time routine.


Always proper, Bindhi coaches me on my table etiquette.


Josie super­vises in a DOT fore­man kind of way– gaz­ing out the win­dow and ignor­ing me, but every­thing must pass her smell test.

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13 Responses to dinner with my ladies

  1. Andrea says:

    Love the kit­ties and the sand­wich! About the soup — check out this video (just use veg­gie stock instead of chicken). I haven’t tried it yet but it sure looks good.

  2. Nora says:

    what about blended cashews for the soup?! soup + sand­wich = love

  3. Josiane says:

    Oh, I have a recipe for a good cream of tomato soup! I’ll have to go and find the book in which it is (yeah, I moved well over a year ago, but it so hap­pens that my books are the one thing that hasn’t been com­pletely unpacked yet…). I’ll get back to you!

  4. Cute kit­ties! Love those paws! And you can’t go wrong with tomato soup and a sand­wich combo!

  5. Courtney says:

    What recipe did you use for that tomato soup?! It looks fab­u­lous, and I have not found a good tomato soup recipe that I like since giv­ing up corn syrup and all the other nasty stuff in pre­pared kinds.

    Has Port­land turned you into a wimp?! You are from MN! Come on–40 degrees is nothing :-)


    • Kris says:

      Liv­ing in Ari­zona for 2 years has turned me into a wimp! I’m always cold. it doesn’t help that it’s a wet cold, you never feel warm. Blah.

      I based it off a recipe of the Glen Muir web­site, as I used their roasted toma­toes. It was miss­ing the sweet­ness and con­sis­tency, though and was more like a light col­ored tomato sauce.

  6. veganappetite says:

    Awe­some look­ing sandwich!

    Please let me know if you didn’t get my recipe. I’m hop­ing you did — such an impor­tant cause.

  7. tahinitoo says:

    I would rec­om­mend blended cashews too. They make every­thing creamy and a bit sweet too (but just a bit!). Edgar will know what to do.

  8. Melisser says:

    I would like to hang out with those ladies too! Very cute!

  9. Lee says:

    I got this recipe from the Food Net­work, but I like it a lot. It’s a roasted tomato soup. I guess you could add cream.
    8 Roma toma­toes
    2 Red pep­pers
    1 onion
    8 cloves gar­lic
    2t chopped tyme
    2T olive oil
    2T bal­samic vine­gar
    6 oz. tomato paste
    6 cups stock

    Quar­ter and seed toma­toes and pep­pers.
    Com­bine with quar­tered onion and gar­lic.
    Toss with 1T oil, tyme, and the vine­gar.
    Spread on to cookie sheet and roast for about 45 to 55 min. at 400 degrees.

    Com­bine 1T oil and tomato paste in large pan.
    Add roasted tomato mix­ture and stock to pan.

    Puree soup in batches, in a blender.