I got this fun list from Jess’ blog and couldn’t resist. If you’ve never been to Port­land, you could rename this “100 Rea­sons to Jump on a Train, Plane or Auto­mo­bile and Get My Butt to Portland!”

Here’s how it works:

1) Copy this list into your own blog, face­book or web­site, includ­ing these instruc­tions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never con­sider eat­ing.
4) Post a com­ment here once you’ve fin­ished and link your post back to this one.
5) Pass it on!

The PDX Vegan Hun­dred: 100 Great Foods in Port­land, OR

1. Fries with spicy tofu sauce at Dots
2. $1 Corn­dog from Hun­gry Tiger Too (I don’t do corn­dogs)
3. Chick-o-Stick dough­nut from Voodoo Dough­nuts
4. Tiramisu from Por­to­bello
5. Vegan Mulita from Gordi­tos or Gordi­tos II
6. Nan­otear Ham and Cheeze sand­wich from Tube
7. Milk­shake from Sip
8. Gnoc­chi from Por­to­bello
9. Caramel Nut Bar from Sweet­pea Bak­ing Co.
10. Soft serve from Blos­som­ing Lotus
11. Local cherry toma­toes from a farm­ers mar­ket
12. Dong Po Tofu from Bay Leaf
13. Jerked chickun from Assase Ital
14. A Big Big Lunch Spe­cial from an Indian cart
15. Soy latte made with Stump­town espresso
16. A crappy tofu scram­ble
17. Corn­meal pizza from Dovi Vive.
18. Weep­ing Tiger sand­wich from Bye & Bye
19. Bye & Bye or Floor Punch from Bye & Bye
20. A Bowl meal from a cart (too many to count!)
21. vegan nutella from freddy’s hazel­nuts
22. soy curls in bulk from food fight or proper eats
23. buf­falo wings from Vita
24. the week­day vegan pan­cakes from Lau­relthirst
25. Maple vegan sausage waf­fle from flavourspot
26. Drunken noo­dles with pep­per steak from Thai Food Cafe
27. Mac­nocheeto from Home­grown Smoker
28. Veg­gie plat­ter from an Ethiopian restau­rant
29. Black­ber­ries picked from a pub­lic place
30. Baba Ganouj from Ya Hala (THE BEST!)
31. Coconut Mashed Yams from Papa G’s
32. But­ter­nut Squash Won­tons from Hun­gry Tiger Too (these things are a lit­tle too good… greasy deli­cious­ness)
33. Vegan slice from Bella Fac­cia
34. Apple pie from Whiffies
35. Chili dog from Zach’s Shack
36. Vegan pou­tine from Potato Cham­pion (I know this place is pop­u­lar, but the thought of twice fried pota­toes dipped in gravy and faux cheeze sounds dis­gust­ing)
37. Mis­sion­ary Choco­late Truf­fle
38. Apron Activists 4-Course Din­ner
39. Hot Wok at New Sea­sons
40. Che Gue­vara Bur­rito from Laugh­ing Planet
41. Bryan’s Bowl from Por Que No?
42. Pad Thai from Pad Thai Kitchen
43. Cup­cake from a stand at Last Thurs­day
44. The Giant Pan­cake at Hun­gry Tiger Too
45. TLP from Red & Black Cafe
46. Corn­meal tem­peh plate from Proper Eats (This is in my top 5 best Port­land meals)
47. Tofu Po Boy at Palm State Gumbo
48. Maple Wal­nut Scone from Back to Eden
49. Vegan Mezza plat­ter from a Lebanese restau­rant
50. Crispy egg­plant from Fujin
51. Lemon­grass Tofu Sticks from Van Hanh
52. Tofu Salad Bun at Pho PDX
53. Cock­tail made with local liquor
54. Bis­cuits and Gravy from Para­dox
55. Smoky soy curls from Home­grown Smoker (SOOOO good!)
56. Field Roast sausage
57. Secret Aard­vark Hot Sauce I don’t do spicy
58. Toddbot’s Tri­an­gles
59. Local micro­brew
60. Hot Lips soda
61. Herb Crusted Tofu with Mush­room Marsala from The Farm Cafe
62. had a pic­nic in Lau­rel­hurst Park
63. bur­rito from Shelley’s Honkin Huge Bur­ri­tos
64. Egg­plant tibs from Bete Lukas
65. Tator Tots before noon or after mid­night (I’m from the Mid­west, where I grew up eat­ing tots in a mul­ti­tude of ways before it was “hip” and I find them dis­gust­ing.)
66. Lone Ranger from Chaos Cafe
67. Sun­day brunch at Sweet­pea!
68. Tofu at a BBQ place (for exam­ple Derby Mus­tard Sauce Tofu at Rus­sel Street BBQ)
69. Mint Fava Falafel at Night­light Lounge
70. An unex­cit­ing hum­mus plate at a bar.
71. Vegan meat­ball sub from Aalto Lounge (bite my tongue)
72. Koi Fusion spicy tofu tacos (noth­ing about Korean inspired Mex­i­can food sounds good to me)
73. Veg­gie dog from the Vegi dog stand
74. Sesame chicken from a veg­e­tar­ian chi­nese restau­rant
75. Bagel with Bacun Scal­lion cream cheese from Sweet­pea. No scal­lions for me, thanks
76. Vegan savoury crepe
77. Veg­gie kibbeh (this paired with the above baba ganoush– heaven in your mouth. go Ya Hala, they’re the best!)
78. Club Vegan at Back­space
79. ice cream sun­dae from Back to Eden
80. Raw fudge from Blos­som­ing Lotus (a seri­ous weak­ness of mine)
81. Tem­peh reuben (blech to sauer­kraut)
82. Pause vegan burger
83. vegan ribs
84. some­thing baked with local mar­i­on­ber­ries
85. Veg­gie bento box
86. Dave’s Killer Bread
87. Higher Taste Bur­ri­tos
88. Thai food that the server swears is vegan, but you taste fish sauce. I don’t trust Thai restau­rants
89. Ele­phant ear from the Sat­ur­day Mar­ket
90. Dove­tail sticky bun
91. Savoury pie from Nicholas restau­rant (I don’t like the food at Nicholas)
92. Salad rolls from the Just Thai cart
93. Vegan torta from Gordi­tos II
94. Nutri­tional yeast on your pop­corn at a movie the­ater
95. Vegan grilled cheese from The Grilled Cheese Grill
96. Pasilla bur­rito from El Nutri
97. Some­thing from the veg­e­tar­ian menu at And­ina
98. Vegan Steak and Cheese from D.C. Veg­e­tar­ian
99. Dragon Noo­dles at Red & Black Cafe blame the cilantro.
100. Falafel from Wolf & Bears (Their falafel sand­wich is out of this world!)

Wow, I feel pretty accom­plished… in a fat kind of way. O_o That a lot of food and 95% of these things aren’t items I eat reg­u­larly at all. I can only imag­ine how many vegan items I’ve eaten from around town… I bet they could finance a nice vacation!

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3 Responses to portland vegan 100

  1. getsconed says:

    seri­ously, who said Port­land veg­ans are broke? or does all our money just go to our temptations…

  2. Sandy says:

    Let’s go to Whiffies! We can knock one thing off your list.