If there is some­thing I love about fall, it’s bak­ing. This sounds pretty obvi­ous, no? But really, it is the OPTIMAL time to bake. The spices are so earthy and deep and it take very lit­tle to make your house smell bet­ter than any stu­pid scented can­dle ever could– and you get to eat the results!

I did come across some­thing sur­pris­ing at my usual hang­out, Black Sheep, the other day. They are going pump­kin crazy and are bak­ing it into every­thing they can. Pump­kin cof­fee cake, pump­kin pie bars and these lit­tle beauties:


Pump­kin Choco­late Chip Cook­ies, from my book! How cool is that? I’ve now dis­cov­ered that the only thing bet­ter than home­made cook­ies you love is home­made cook­ies you love that you didn’t have to make! They just appear out of thin air!

With the sea­son of pump­kin bak­ing upon us, every other recipe calls for pump­kin pie spice. You prob­a­bly have every­thing you need to make this blend in your own pantry, plus you can tweak it to your lik­ing! I’m not a huge clove lover, so this recipe is bit sub­dued in that area. Make a nice big batch of it so you can just dip in as needed.

Pump­kin Pie Spice Blend

3 tbsp. ground cin­na­mon
1 tbsp. plus 2 teas. ground gin­ger
2 teas. ground nut­meg
1 teas. ground cloves

Mix well in a clean bowl and com­bine well. Trans­fer to an air­tight bot­tle or container.

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9 Responses to pumpkin’s in the air…

  1. DJ Karma says:

    I’m not a huge clove per­son either, but I LOVE pump­kin every­thing. So cool you’re hav­ing your cook­ies made!

  2. Oohh, pump­kin and choco­late! Sounds like a killer com­bi­na­tion if you ask me.

  3. Nora says:

    those look much more akin to what I wanted in a pump­kin cookie than the ones from the ppk i made. next time i’ll know!

  4. Josiane says:

    Those cook­ies look deli­cious! And the spice mix? I can almost smell it from here… yum!

  5. Courtney says:

    Thank you for the pump­kin pie spice recipe–it will be so help­ful! You are right–lots of fall recipes call for it, and I am waaaaaaaaaaay too cheap to buy it :-) Now I can make my own!


  6. mollyjwalter says:

    AH! Thank you for the pump­kin pie spice recipe! I HATE buy­ing it and could never remem­ber the com­bi­na­tion of ingre­di­ents! — M

  7. Dione says:

    HI Kris… LOVE your book. Every­thing I’ve made from it has been deli­cious AND beau­ti­ful. Only thing is I’m in the process of mak­ing the pump­kin choco­late chip cook­ies at this very moment and one of the last steps is: Add pump­kin, vanilla and milk and mix well. The only prob­lem is I don’t see milk in the ingre­di­ents list. How much milk should I add??

    • Rachel says:

      I have the same ques­tion as the per­son above. How much milk is in this recipe?

      Also, my page with the sticky buns only has the ingre­di­ent list for the topping.