I know I am behind on posting the winners of the cookbooks, but I will get those up ASAP. I had this HUGE project/event happen at work today that I was solely responsible for preparing/executing, so now that it is over, I can relax a little more and realign.

But in honor of my 7th wedding anniversary (today!) to my beloved James…


I loves you, my BFFFE! (best friend for freaking ever!)


Wow, seven years ages you. We look so young! I can only imagine what it will be like to look at these pictures in 30 years. Everyone thought we were crazy. We’d only known each other for 6 months, no joke. I don’ blame people for thinking we were nuts, but sometimes you have to trust your gut. And when you know, you know and now we have some street cred to our names…

Yummy vegan anniversary dinner- here I come!

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14 Responses to brb

  1. Happy Anniversary! You two look so happy, so in love. :)

  2. melly says:

    Aw, happy anniversary. Your pictures are beautiful! So happy!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Enjoy the day :)

  4. jessy says:

    happy anniversay! wahoooooooooooooooooo!

  5. Josiane says:

    Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more happy years together!
    Your pictures are gorgeous! Seven years may have aged you, but you still look just as lovely (from what I’ve seen on the cooking show). :)

  6. chelsea says:

    Kris, Happy anniversary! Craig and I were engaged after knowing each other for 2 weeks. We were married 6 months after and will be 9 years soon!

  7. Courtney says:

    Awww…Happy Anniversary! I hope you two have had a great day!

    AND, I hope that your big project at work went okay…it must feel good to have it out of the way :-)


  8. Mo says:

    Happy Anniversary! That first picture took my breath away. Y’all are so cute.

  9. Diann says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  10. Vaala says:

    Congratulations!! That is SO awesome. I need a real love story right about now :)

  11. veganplaisir says:

    Truly, that second picture is possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Congrats on your 7th!

  12. Lauren says:

    even though i don’t know you (just happily found you on facebook!), i wanted to say congrats! i also was married after just dating for 6 months. we are at 4.5 years so far (and one wild little toddler later), and i hope that we have many more years ahead. i know what you mean when you say “when you know, you know”. <3

  13. Vegetation says:

    Haha, we look like babies in our wedding photos too!

    Happy Anniversary you guys! Hope it was wonderful!