No, Alberta is not a per­son (although I work with some­one by that name, so that could be weird). Alberta is a street in NE Port­land and it’s quickly becom­ing one of the tasti­est streets in town.

Home­grown Smoker is the vegan BBQ food­cart that opened a cou­ple of months ago. They used to be 4 blocks down the street from their new loca­tion at 27th and Alberta. The new loca­tion seems bet­ter equipped for Port­land weather and even has a heated eat­ing tent. Excellent.


There is food that is good and then there is food laced with addic­tive fla­vors and tex­tures and plain old com­fort­ing good­ness. This falls into the lat­ter cat­e­gory. There are four dif­fer­ent pro­tein choices includ­ing chorizo, tofu steaks, tem­peh ribs and soy curls. In this plat­ter most peo­ple pick two small por­tions of two dif­fer­ent pro­teins, but I went with all soy curls. If we all have a pre­des­tined fate in life, being smoked and slathered with BBQ sauce is the des­tiny of a soy curl. In this form it is truly at it’s full poten­tial. Oh momma, these things are amaz­ing! On the side, maple BBQ beans and mac no cheese. The beans are good, reli­ably tasty beans. The mac no cheese isn’t like gourmet mac ‘n cheese, but there’s just some­thing good and noochy about it. Must. Eat. More.


You’d think I haven’t been food blog­ging for 4 years. I didn’t turn the corn­bread around so you could see the inside of it! Darn, now I’ll have to go back. The sac­ri­fices I make for this blog… Seri­ously, though, this is a gluten-free corn­bread that has pretty flecks of flax in it. That’s fun to say, flex of flax. Now, I haven’t had much South­ern cook­ing in my life and am very much naive to the art of corn­bread, but this corn­bread rocks. The tex­ture, mois­ture, fla­vor, it’s all there. I never even thought I cared much about corn­bread, until I started crav­ing theirs. Add the sweet mint tea on the side… seri­ous food heaven.

After you’ve stuffed your­self with smoked good­ness, a mere four blocks away is Back to Eden, the new vegan bak­ery in town. A four block walk is exer­cise, right? That means it’s time for dessert.

Back to Eden is about as pretty a place as it gets. Dec­o­rated in 1930s farm house chic, the col­ors are warm and invit­ing, the decor is sharp with atten­tion to detail and aside from the bak­ery items, they have all sorts of good­ies to buy. Locally made jams, aprons, cards, a sec­tion of vegan cook­books, and fun bak­ing sup­plies, like fancy sprin­kles fill the shelves. Plus they have, you know, the baked goods. They also have soft serve in TWO dif­fer­ent fla­vors, which means… wait for it.… TWIST ice cream!

shown here with caramel sauce

shown here with caramel sauce

They carry Temp­ta­tion soft serve, which you can get with a vari­ety of topping/sauce com­bos or as a milk­shake! And there are a vari­ety of baked goods avail­able each day, from break­fasty scones to deca­dent cakes and tarts. They have lots of gluten-free options, too.


A straw­berry filled choco­late cup­cake. When I read the sign for it, I thought it said “straw­berry fields cup­cake” and I got all sorts of Beatles-excited… I was wrong, but I still needed the cup­cake to calm me down. Even the frost­ing had a pro­nounced straw­berry fla­vor that was amazing.


A pump­kin whoopie pie. Soft, moist cookie outer and spiced creamy inner fill­ing… Dev­il­ishly good. So dev­il­ish, in fact, that an evil kit­teh couldn’t keep her mouth off of the pump­kin cookie part.


Who knew bad kit­tehs liked pumpkin?

So this is my ode to Alberta Street, with new attrac­tions moti­vat­ing me to leave the SE bub­ble for things other than con­certs.

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12 Responses to i love you, alberta

  1. Ooohhh all of that looked so good! I would gob­ble all of that up in a sec­ond. And you kitty is pretty darn cute!

  2. Back to Eden says:

    Thanks for the awe­some review, and great pictures!


  3. jennidy says:

    I am totally stoked that I am mov­ing to Alberta in like three weeks. woohoo!

  4. Anna says:

    I’m adding both of those to my list of places to visit when I get to Port­land next year! Thanks!

  5. Mo says:

    There is so much good­ness going on that my head might just explode!

  6. Nora says:

    oh that pump­kin cream pie looks lovely and fluffy!
    i’ve heard so much good stuff about home­grown smoker and that corn­bread! look for­ward to the inside shot in a future post! haha

  7. jessy says:

    that all looks so awe­some i could cry! rich­mond has some vegan options — but i can’t find a vegan gluten-free cuppy to save my life. i guess i could get unlazy & make my own. **sigh** all vegan bbq — oh my good­ness — so. awe­some. yay!

  8. Josiane says:

    That all sounds dreamy! Just imag­ine: the vegan restau­rant clos­est to my place is about 100 miles away…

    • Kris says:

      Wow. Well, I wasn’t always this lucky, when we went vegan we lived in Phoenix. Crusty old white peo­ple and stucco strip malls filled with chain stores isn’t very vegan friendly. I even had to make our own bread, there was noth­ing we could buy.

  9. Vegetation says:

    Oh wow! I want to go!!!! I haven’t even found a restau­rant locally that sells any­thing vegan (tofu stir fry aside, but I’m not count­ing it :P)

  10. Ricki says:

    Now I must seri­ously go to Port­land! For that straw­berry cup­cake if no other rea­son (well, the whoopie pie, too. And the corn­bread. And the ice cream.). 😉