I’m sure most of you have been sub­jected to the dis­gust­ing com­mer­cials that Carl’s Jr./Hardees puts out. When they aren’t exploiting/abusing cows or using explicit sex­ual images to sell their food, they end them by slop­ping down the burger at the end of the com­mer­cial. A huge, car­diac arrest-inducing burger drops from the sky, with 3 dif­fer­ent kinds of ani­mals in 8 dif­fer­ent forms ooz­ing out of it and the announcer blath­ers on about what an amaz­ing burger it is. Their bent is on being manly, even when they don’t explic­itly say it. The announcer’s deep voice and the sen­sual way he describes their burg­ers is nauseating.

I decided that we needed our own “manly: burger com­mer­cial. Well, not so manly because it’s my voice, but what­ever. It’s prob­a­bly their idea of a night­mare… and my idea of good food.

[vid­dler id-5832ba7e h-370 w-437]



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23 Responses to the veginator

  1. Penguin says:

    Well done, but I think it needs more boobs and maybe a sports car to look more deli­cious. Maybe it could drop from the sky directly onto some boobs.

  2. karmalily says:

    Ahh those com­mer­cials drive me nuts! It’s crazy to me that a com­pany can be so bla­tantly sex­ist and not con­stantly be grilled by the pub­lic about it. You’re com­mer­cial is much better!

  3. Sandy says:

    OMG I am so turned on!! When are you mak­ing it next so that I can have this nom?

  4. Celine says:

    I came for the boo­bies. where are the boobies?

  5. Haha I love love love it!

  6. Lelo says:

    Ha ha ha! That is awe­some. I hate those stu­pid com­mer­cials, espe­cially the smack­ing glop sound of the burger at the end: thank you for not includ­ing that in your much bet­ter version. 😉

  7. Ricki says:

    Haven’t seen the orig­i­nal, but I do love yours! I’m crav­ing one right now, in fact.

  8. Andrea says:

    HA! A juicy burger with a side of laughter!

  9. tahinitoo says:

    Hahaaaa! This is the best Kris! And you even put a dill pickle on the side! Our pick­les are gonna be famous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m with Celine though, where are those boobies?

  10. Cherie says:

    I agree — that was great!!!

  11. liz says:

    ahaha!! that is AWESOME! That is so those com­mer­cials, to a tee — except not revolt­ing and actu­ally totally huge and deli­cious looking.

    Oh, and I saw your cook­book at Indigo books the other and it looks fan­tas­tic and I waaaaant it for the brownies !! 😛

  12. Sooz says:

    Holy crow that looks deli­cious! I am very thank­ful to of not seen the orig­i­nal (yet). Read­ing everyone’s descrip­tions of it makes me want to vomit!

  13. Stacey says:

    Looks amaz­ing! (And, in my opin­ion, so much bet­ter with­out the boobies!)

    Just ordered your cook­book! Can’t wait to bake! Thanks for keep­ing vegan yummy.

  14. meansoybean says:

    Wow… and I thought the Harvey’s ringer burger we have here in Canada was bad. I wrote a rant about it on my blog and that post iron­i­cally gets the most vis­its. You know why? Because peo­ple are search­ing for it in google images and they end up find­ing the image cropped for the post. I won­der how much time they spend on the page once they real­ize it’s a rant, and then real­ize they’re on a vegan blog.

    I once made a heart attack sub… took a veg­gie sub from a local greasy spoon and asked for no cheese. Then I took an entire pack­age of Yves salami, or some­thing, and at the whole oil-dripping thing. It was tough but I did it, and I’m never doing that again :)