So, I heard the good news today that my book has shipped from the print­ers to the dis­tri­b­u­tion ware­house, so it should be only about 2 more weeks. Yay! I’m very excited about this.

Some­times meals, no mat­ter how promis­ing, fall short of your expec­ta­tions. The fol­low­ing post is a les­son in unex­pected food fails.

Exhibit A:


Look at these beau­ti­ful baby arti­chokes. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I fell in love with the bril­liant col­ors, and when the ven­dor told me how easy they were to make, I was sold. No steam­ing and choke-scraping, just peel back a cou­ple of lay­ers, trim the tops, saute and viola!


So pretty!


Here they are, sauteed with some gar­lic, olive oil and kala­mata olives (to give them that famil­iar briney taste from jarred arti­chokes). In the back­ground, some black bean pat­ties from Macheesmo (they actu­ally held together– hor­rah!), topped with mush­rooms and some yel­low cherry toma­toes and blue­ber­ries on the side. Each step in prepar­ing the arti­chokes was a les­son in the art of nature. I eagerly bit into my first one and…

Blech. Chewy, tough on the edges and fla­vor­less. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Exhibit B:


Here, I tried to repli­cate my favorite treat from Blos­som­ing Lotus- maple smoked tem­peh… yeah, not so much. But it was edi­ble. I don’t know what it is, I love tem­peh at restau­rants, but it always falls short at home. The req­ui­site brus­sel sprouts and a quinoa pilaf, with chopped bell pep­per, onion and chopped green beans filled out the meal. I added a can of chick­peas to the left­over pilaf and it made for some great lunch leftovers.

But, meals that flop can all be reme­died with a good ol’ slice of cake.

Exhibit C:


I’m much bet­ter with a bag of icing to pipe, then writ­ing with melted choco­late. Alas, my sad attempt at Ringo’s drum kit.

Yeah, once I real­ized how bad it was going I gave up. I was work­ing from mem­ory and would have been aided by look­ing at the cake. I also had a lit­tle melted choco­late explo­sion that kept me from fill­ing in the let­ters. Oh well, the Yel­low Sub­ma­rine Cake was a good enough ode to The Beatles.


Besides, we all know it’s what it tastes like that really mat­ters. My standby cake is the choco­late cake from my Ger­man Choco­late Cake recipe in the cook­book. I added some choco­late chips for extra choco­latey good­ness. Between the two lay­ers, I spread a thin layer of straight up peanut but­ter and then a por­tion of vanilla but­ter­cream icing that I’d added some peanut but­ter to. I frosted it with the remain­ing vanilla but­ter­cream and ruined it, I mean, wrote on it with melted choco­late. So nommy… I’m such a sucker for choco­late and peanut but­ter. This cake was for my brother’s 15th birth­day. He is vis­it­ing us and he’s also a huge Bea­t­les fan and a lover of choco­late and peanut but­ter. He’s also appear­ing in the new Cohen brother’s movie com­ing out this fall! How cool is that, his first movie and it’s a Cohen brother’s flick! Granted, he has no lines, but he filmed for sev­eral days and a scene that he was an extra in is in the trailer. Pretty sweet…

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11 Responses to sad füd

  1. Sandy says:

    Cake is my mid­dle name. Like, yum!

  2. Andrea says:

    Yummy look­ing cake and cool brother story. My son was an extra in a Keanu Reeves/Morgan Free­man movie but we could only see him if we watched his scene in slow motion! (You could see him really well in slow motion but not at all at nor­mal speed.)

  3. Josiane says:

    Your meals were beau­ti­ful! Too bad they weren’t as yummy as they look…

  4. Courtney says:

    Awww…I am sorry the arti­chokes didn’t turn out. They look *beautiful*–what a let down! I LOVE arti­chokes (I seri­ously used to ask for them every year with­out fail for my birth­day din­ner grow­ing up…forget pizza or mac and cheese–this weird-o wanted artichokes!).

    I hope your brother had a happy birth­day! Wow–he just turned 15?! There must be a bit of an age span between you two!


    • Kris says:

      Yeah, we’re pretty far apart. I’m the old­est and my mom was very young. Sec­ond mar­riages will do that… :)

  5. Nora says:

    aw, i know how you feel! i spent like 2 hrs last night mak­ing the stewed miso tofu and pota­toes from vwav last night, and i just didn’t like it at all. :(

  6. Vegetation says:

    I have so many of those dis­as­ters it’s just not funny any­more (you should have seen the risotto I attempted to make the other night! EEK!!). The arti­chokes looked pretty though!

    And cake makes ANYTHING bet­ter. Espe­cially choco­late cake.…with peanut but­ter is even better!

  7. Kiersten says:

    Sorry about your recent kitchen fail­ures. Every­thing still looked pretty! I’ve had a few kitchen fail­ures too lately, it’s always so dis­ap­point­ing when that hap­pens. Bet­ter luck next time.

  8. wherestherevolution says:

    I can’t wait for your new book! Your first one is a stan­dard in my kitchen!

    When I make tem­peh, I steam it first, or microwave it for a lit­tle while in a cov­ered dish with some water. Also, I love mar­i­nat­ing it and just bak­ing it in the mari­nade– until all the mari­nade is absorbed. I get great results with these. I <3 tempeh.

  9. wherestherevolution says:

    oh, this is bazu, by the way!