So, I’ve had some stuff in my per­sonal life side­track­ing me from blog­ging, so excuse my absence. Things will be back to nor­mal soon.

In the mean­time… reminder:


The Port­land con­tri­bu­tion to the World­wide Vegan Bake Sale is in less than 2 week, on June 20th, at People’s, so please come and eat some yum­mies for the kitties!

With the warm weather we had in Port­land recently (90 in June? Unheard of!) we have taken to eat­ing pretty lightly, which has been refreshing.


This was a quick din­ner, try­ing to use up some pro­duce, as I have a ten­dency to over-purchase veg­eta­bles… chick­peas sauteed in a lit­tle EB with some nooch, aspara­gus, gar­lic broc­col­ini and our stan­dard issue quinoa. Sim­ple, sat­is­fy­ing and yummy.


A bed of baby greens, topped with black beans that I cooked with some gar­lic and a lit­tle cumin, sweet corn, zuc­chini, avo­cado and some chips and salsa on the side. The chips are these new lit­tle corn chip “dip­pers” from Trader Joe’s that are like Fritos but a mil­lion times bet­ter. Well, I was never a fan of Fritos, so I’m a bit biased.


I wanted to make some Ital­ian cook­ies with pine nuts in them and came across this recipe by Giada on the Food Net­work. I’m not one to nor­mally have much faith in the Food Net­work, but the recipe was basi­cally vegan, it involved choco­late (always a plus) and it seemed pretty authen­ti­cally Euro­pean, using lit­tle sugar, so my inter­est was piqued. Being skep­ti­cal of our Amer­i­can palettes accept­ing some­thing that tastes less sweet, I added my new top­ping du jour: demer­ara sugar mixed with a pinch of fleur de sel. I’ve found that 1 tbsp. of sugar to 1/4 teas. of salt is a great mix for dip­ping cook­ies and it gives them a nice, slightly sweet crunch accom­pa­nied with the occa­sion tang of salt. The top­ping def­i­nitely helped. They were a lit­tle crumbly, more like a biscuit-type cookie, and the fla­vor was greatly aided by the choco­late chunks. I really like pine nuts, but they didn’t really do it for me in this recipe. Can’t win them all.


While I worked on these cook­ies, Linus made him­self com­fort­able on the blan­ket that he pushed off the back of the couch. Spoiled kitteh…

More stuff to come, includ­ing some yummy reviews… it just might take me a week or so. Cheers!

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  1. Vegetation says:

    Absence hap­pens! I hope things quiet down for you a bit soon :) Love the light sum­mer yum­mies! Here it’s so cold all we’re eat­ing is win­ter stodge (com­fort­ing, but still.…stodge).

    Awww Linus is too cute! That looks like the per­fect blan­ket to snooze on!

  2. Courtney says:

    Hope every­thing is okay :o)

    Those black beans on your salad sound amazing–yum!


  3. Sandy says:

    Will be back Mon­day if you need to talk.

    What a lovely post!

    Love you!

  4. Josiane says:

    Now you’ve got me crav­ing gar­lic broc­col­ini (it looks so good in your pic­ture!) *and* cook­ies dipped in sugar and fleur de sel — by the way, that’s a bril­liant idea! I have a feel­ing I’m going to try it very very soon…