One of Jim’s biggest com­plaints about the bak­ing I do is rooted in my biggest thrill– vari­ety. “Once you fine-tune some­thing, I never taste it again because you’re off to the next thing.” But there is so much to do, fla­vors to try, tex­tures to taste. I can’t help myself! Sure, I love to revisit old friends, but I also love to try new things and exper­i­ment and I only have so much time to bake. Alas, I con­tinue to experiment.

Here are two recipes in process. They have some good things going, but I’m still work­ing out some kinks.

Lemon Almond Bread


Prob­lems: bak­ing any­thing with slices of fruit on top cre­ates uneven areas of mois­ture which makes it harder to test for done­ness. Also, I can’t decide if it tastes almondy enough. I may add extract, com­bined with almond meal. Things that work: the fla­vor combo and a nice texture.


Semolina Maple Cakes with Caramelized Pineap­ple and Lime Cream Sauce

Woo– that is a mouth­ful, lit­er­ally and fig­u­ra­tively. Prob­lems: my pineap­ple didn’t caramelize! Per­haps the pineap­ple will be cooked sep­a­rately. Also, I didn’t like the tex­ture of the cream. I used silken tofu, which I can be quite fickle with. I love it in some sit­u­a­tions and hate it in oth­ers. Peanut But­ter Choco­late Silk Pie, love it. Lime Cream Sauce, hate it. I’m think­ing maybe a cashew base? What worked: the cake had an awe­some tex­ture, I could have eaten my way through a full size cake, moist, per­fect amount of sweet­ness with a thin crunch on the top (bot­tom in this case) of the crust.

Here is a recipe in process that isn’t mine:


Apri­cot Tart from Orangette. I stum­bled across an image of a French bak­ery with an apri­cot tart in it’s case a few days ago and was delighted by the inspi­ra­tion because I had a con­tainer of apri­cots sit­ting in my fridge. “Yay, apri­cots!” I had exclaimed when I saw them at the store, greed­ily snatch­ing them up and plac­ing them in the safety of my cart. Days later, they were lan­guish­ing in the back of my fridge, for­got­ten. This recipe was vegan in the blink of an eye.

Apri­cots are really a spe­cial fruit, prob­a­bly sec­ond only to nec­tarines in the stone fruit fam­ily, in my book. They have an intox­i­cat­ing scent, fill­ing your sinuses and cloud­ing your mind, an aphro­disiac of sorts. This sim­ple tart is a palette for shar­ing that essence with­out fan­cy­ing it up unnec­es­sar­ily. The only prob­lem that I had was that my sugar in the fill­ing never firmed up, stay­ing liq­uid. I sopped up a bit of it and let some of it soak into the but­tery crust, but I wanted that gel. I had to use a slightly smaller tart pan, so per­haps I had more apri­cots in a smaller space than she did. I will def­i­nitely revisit this recipe, though. Tangy, com­pli­cated and fresh.


So does Jim have room to com­plain? Not so much. Espe­cially because I still make him clas­sics, like the Choco­late Chip Pecan Cook­ies from Damn Tasty, minus the pecans, add raisins. Okay, fine, so I played with the recipe… but you can­not dampen the cre­ative spirit!


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  1. Josiane says:

    Those recipes in progress sound very promis­ing! Lemon and almond together? Per­fec­tion! And I like the idea of a thin crunch at the bot­tom of the maple cake…

  2. Beth says:

    oh man, your hus­band sounds JUST like mine! when­ever I wanna get cre­ative with a recipe, he hates it. He says “don’t mess with per­fec­tion!” But I wanna have some fun! Gah– crea­tures of habit, they are.

  3. Vegetation says:

    Mmmm your cre­ations look amazing!!

    I’m a bit of a crea­ture of habit I’m afraid. I love to try new recipes cause who wants to eat the same thing every day? But I tend to dish up the favourites I find along the way fre­quently as wel (some of them a lit­tle too oftenl.