Hello! I know I haven’t been post­ing very much this month, but I promise that it’s for good rea­son and you’ll soon know why.

My friend, Ximena, had a birth­day on Sat­ur­day and I had an appoint­ment at her shop on Sun­day. She is the veg­e­tar­ian tat­too artist and shop owner (vegan tat­toos!) who also made the nom! but­tons, and she is a seri­ous cat lover. I used recipes from Damn Tasty! to make her a kitty birth­day cake, fit for the feline-friendly.


The choco­late cake recipe from the Black For­est Cake, cov­ered with Peanut But­ter Frost­ing and I did some detail­ing with melted choco­late. Every­one wins when you make a cake where you need to cut out ele­ments of it– they get the cake and you get to eat the scraps. The result was this cute, play­ful cake that was a cinch to make. Yum!

I pre­sented it to her at my appoint­ment to get some long-awaited tat­toos. These have been sev­eral years in the mak­ing: my bees!

On my left shoulder:


And on my right:


These pic­tures were taken less than 24 hours after, so I’m still a lit­tle pink and swollen. Don’t them look great?! They turned out even bet­ter than I expected, Ximena just rocks.

Why the bees? Well, there are a cou­ple of rea­sons. One, I just like bees. I think they are beau­ti­ful and their com­plex lan­guage is so fas­ci­nat­ing. An impor­tant thing about bees is their con­tri­bu­tion to agri­cul­ture around the world. Bees are respon­si­ble for much of the pol­li­na­tion needed for our crops to grow, but the bees are dying. This is a real con­cern because it is affect­ing food crops world­wide and no one can fig­ure out why the colonies are dying off. Every­thing from water­melon, broc­coli, to my furry friend the kiwi, they all rely on bees to grow, so this decline has far-reaching effects. In the past few years this prob­lem has been attract­ing more atten­tion, but the mys­tery is still there. Bees are just as impor­tant as the water, sun and soil used to grow crops. So, with that in mind, I pay homage to these amaz­ing lit­tle crea­tures, so essen­tial to our world.

Thanks to the bees, I was able to make this deli­cious salad:


Mixed baby greens, spinach, cucum­ber, baby heir­loom toma­toes, cucum­bers and some sliced up car­rots, the per­fect spring time lunch salad!

I hope spring is in the air for you all. I can see some bees buzzing around the bloom­ing tree out­side my win­dow right now.

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0 Responses to bzzzzzzzzzz

  1. shellyfish says:

    I love your tats! they are awe­some. I love it!! And that is one groovy kitty cake!

  2. bex says:

    The cake is adorable and I love the tat­toos! I keep think­ing I might like to get one even­tu­ally but can’t decide what to get. I like to hear about what a person’s tat means to them, it’s so inter­est­ing! Con­grats, they look great.

  3. Courtney says:

    That cake is too cute! I love it!


  4. Vaala says:

    They are beau­ti­ful tat­toos (and that is one gorgeous-looking cake).

  5. DJ Karma says:

    Cute cake and Nice tatoos! Sad to know about the bees.

  6. Celine says:

    Kris!! it’s good to hear from you again. the cake looks absolutely fantab­u­lous, and so do the tats. I’ve been want­ing to get one for so long, but still haven’t man­aged to fig­ure what/where.
    poor bee-bees. I’m a wuss and am a wee bit scared of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel awful that they’re dis­ap­pear­ing at such an alarm­ing rate.

  7. Vegetation says:

    Awww I love your bees!!! And I want kitty cake!! Too adorable!!! (PS. I finally cracked open that jar of Chockie PB and am so unbear­ably in love I just know I’m going to cry when it’s finished!!!)

  8. Adorable cake and great look­ing tattoos!

  9. Sandy says:

    When I am in a pinch, I buy a salad sans cheese from Papa Murphy’s. They are huge and only 5 bucks! Your cute arrange­ment of your salad reminds me of theirs.