Appar­ently my friend Joe heard that I had fallen off of the choco­late wagon and came to my rescue.

I swear, Trader Joe’s just keeps rolling out more vegan good­ness. It’s like a new, animal-free sur­prise every time I shop. The treat this week, dark choco­late mint “UFOs”.


They are basi­cally hugely over­sized choco­late chips. I am at a loss as to what to do with them, so for now I’ll keep eat­ing them by the palm­ful. I was very pleas­antly sur­prised with the qual­ity of the choco­late and of course I love all things choco­late and mint.

Last week was a really stress­ful week for me at work and Jim con­tin­ued tak­ing the reign of din­ner prepa­ra­tion. Keep­ing it healthy, our din­ner on Fri­day was a mil­let pilaf with sauteed onions and gar­lic, pinto beans and sweet corn, served over kale.


Even though it appears to be a big ol’ pile of beige, it was remark­ably tasty and will prob­a­bly enter into reg­u­lar rota­tion. The only change I’d make is to add more pin­tos. My tequila sun­rise is on the hori­zon, much needed after a too-long week.

On Sun­day I REALLY wanted brunch, but really didn’t want to cook. After whin­ing for about 30 min­utes and then imag­in­ing the 1 hour wait at Jam on Hawthorne (our favorite break­fast place) I caved and started mak­ing brunch. Jim is happy with toast and cof­fee, but I just can’t live like that on Sun­day, it’s uncivilized.


I made the apple peanut but­ter pan­cakes from Peanut But­ter Planet with white whole wheat flour and sub­bing water with some agave for the apple juice called for. I appro­pri­ately served these up with some apple­sauce and what Jim deemed my “best tofu scram­ble ever” with dried basil, arti­chokes, kala­mata olives, shal­lots, sun­dried toma­toes and fresh spinach. On the side, some kiwi.

Now, am I alone here, because I always eat the skin on my kiwis. I never knew that other peo­ple didn’t until I moved to Min­nesota in mid­dle school and kids started pick­ing on me. Min­nesotans not eat­ing kiwi skin didn’t strike me as odd because these were the same peo­ple who were wear­ing toe-socks and san­dals to school in Jan­u­ary. But I have since been looked at with dis­gust for eat­ing some­thing “furry” while liv­ing in other parts of the coun­try. Half of the fla­vor is in the skin! Can I get a witness?

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0 Responses to i spoke too soon

  1. Nora says:

    those TJs UFOs are adorable!!! too bad i don’t like choco­late and mint together, for some odd rea­son! i like almost everything…

    Also, i’m excited to see some­one else who had PB planet! i was begin­ning to think i was the only one…which wouldn’t make any sense. so far i’ve only made the gra­nola, but i loved it! do you rec the pan­cakes highly?! and that tofu scram­ble looks amaz­ing! a nice change from the typ­i­cal noochy one!

    • Kris says:

      Yes, the pan­cakes are good, but I did increase the peanut but­ter amount a lit­tle. We’ve also made the peanut but­ter oat­meal with maple peanut syrup, which is insanely good, and one of the peanut stir­fry recipes which was also deli­cious. We made a muf­fin recipe, too, but I for­get which one it was.

  2. Nora says:

    wait, i have a joke.

    did the choco­late mint UFOs come from Peanut But­ter Planet?

    haha so lame.

  3. Vegetation says:

    Mmmm choco­late mint. Heav­enly! I’d keep eat­ing them by the hand­ful, I’d melt them and pour them over ice cream, I’d bake them into choc mint brown­ies, I’d bake them into cook­ies (ummm I think I sound a lit­tle obsessed here so I’ll sush up now :P).

    LOVE the mil­let! Some­times beige tastes fantastic!

    And *gasp*. There’s an entire book on peanut butter?!?!?!?

    • Kris says:

      There is an entire book on peanut but­ter AND it’s vegan! It’s by Robin Robert­son, the author of Vegan Planet.

  4. shelby says:

    Pan­cakes and a tofu scramble…could it get any better?!

  5. jumbleberryjam says:

    Must. have. UFOs. I just pil­grim­aged to TJ’s in Santa Fe last week and no sign of them there. Maybe when I get back to planet Seattle…in just over 2 months!!

  6. vegtasticvoyage says:

    i’d buy the UFOs just for the package–without know­ing how big they are, i would imag­ine them melted down as a thin layer in some fab­u­lously minty pie, like cookie crust, minty choco­late sheet, minty creamy fill­ing, more choco­late on top (way off the wagon, but still). or eat­ing them straight from the bag is good too.

    and you just might be alone on the kiwi skin. it’s got fur!

  7. Sanja says:

    I only eat the skins of golden kiwi’s (with their not so hairy skin). Next time I’ll try and eat the skin of a kiwi!

  8. Cyn says:

    That brunch is awe­some, I love that you made both pan­cakes and tofu scram­ble! And I love me some mil­let, mix­ing it with beans sounds fantastic.

    *plan­ning imme­di­ate trader joe’s trip*

  9. Courtney says:

    Hey–no bash­ing Min­nesotans! Hahaha–I had never heard of “hot-dish” before mov­ing here, and the whole socks with san­dals thing?! Weird!
    I occa­sion­ally eat the kiwi skin, depend­ing on how the kiwi is cut. I know peo­ple think it is strange, but they already think I am strange, so I don’t mind!


    • Kris says:

      Hey, I love Min­nesota, but I’m not going to defend things like socks and san­dals. Prior to liv­ing there, the only per­son in the world I knew who did that was my grand­fa­ther, who was not a hot dresser. :) I also had never heard of hot­dish and don’t get me start on pro­nun­ci­a­tion of words like “bag” or “aunt”!

  10. Vegyogini says:

    I really wish I hadn’t read this post because now I want choco­late mint UFOs!

    I’ve never heard of eat­ing kiwi skin, but if you like it, keep it up!

  11. Andrea says:

    I’ve never eaten a hairy kiwi skin but if you enjoy it, why not?

    What I really want are those TJ alien choco­lates. I won­der if my TJs has them. (I heard they have vegan rice crispy treats.)

  12. elfmage says:

    I’m flat­tered you com­mented on my blog! I love yours :)

    Sooooo jeal­ous you have TJ’s, those choc-mint UFO’s look deli­cious. Also, you have Tur­tle Moun­tain ice-cream over there! Come on Aus­tralia, catch up!

  13. Karen says:

    Native Min­nesotan here who does not wear san­dals in Jan­u­ary … or toe socks … say­ing eeeeeww on the hairy kiwi skin! The rest of your brunch looks divine, though! And I am going to look for that PB book. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Sarah W. says:

    i was super happy when I saw those ufos at TJ’s the other day!!! I got 2 bags. They are VERY rich so 3 hits the spot. not sure what I’m going to do with them — I was think­ing some sort of bak­ing project involv­ing choc & mint would be in order!

    • Kris says:

      Some­one on here sug­gested choco­late mint brown­ies with the UFOs chopped up– yum! We have almost eaten through the whole bag, though. Oops. :)

  15. Lael says:

    I too love Trader Joe’s BUT have you noticed that a lot if not most of their prod­ucts are made on equip­ment which also processes egg and shell­fish!! Which in true vegan real­ity makes them nei­ther veg or vegan. In my book this is sim­i­lar to eat­ing in a resta­raunt which isn’t veg/vegan but serves “veg/vegan” stuff (aka cooked in the same pots). I per­son­ally avoid the prod­ucts as well as only eat at places which are strictly vegan. Some would say this is too extreme but log­i­cally and eth­i­cally it makes sense because oth­er­wise you are sup­port­ing the bogus cat­tle cul­ture while simul­ta­ne­ously main­tain­ing the self right­eous­ness of the title VEGAN. Whad­daya think on the issue?

    • Kris says:

      I com­pletely respect your view on this sub­ject and appre­ci­ate the thought that many veg peo­ple put into this topic.

      Per­son­ally, I feel that it’s impor­tant to sup­port com­pa­nies and restau­rants who are mak­ing efforts. I eat at non-exclusively veg restau­rants that offer vegan options and I pur­chase prod­ucts that use shared equipt­ment. In terms of food pro­cess­ing, it’s very expen­sive to have ded­i­cated equip­ment, so it’s not fea­si­ble for many com­pa­nies to do, plus TJ’s doesn’t actu­ally man­u­fac­ter their own goods, as they are rela­beled. I think they fact that they research their prod­ucts for their new vegan label­ing is huge. I have seen prod­ucts there that by read­ing the ingre­di­ents you might think they are vegan, but aren’t labled as such and after ask­ing their crew, it turns out the sugar wasn’t vegan or some­thing, so I know they are tak­ing it seri­ously. In regards to restau­rants I think that show­ing a demand for vegan options will lead places to cre­ate more and more vegan options and by hav­ing them on their menu, will entice non-veg peo­ple to try some­thing new. But I com­pletely respect this, it’s one of the com­pli­cated issues to pon­der in a non-vegan world.

  16. eileen says:

    Oh man, and I’ve been try­ing to avoid Trader Joe’s! Those chips look too good, though. WILLPOWER!

    I have also never heard of eat­ing kiwi skin. I per­son­ally have some kind of aller­gic reac­tion to the skin (at least of reg­u­lar green kiwi–golden is fine)–it makes my lips swell and burn. But if it doesn’t do that to you, I say keep it up!

  17. Vaala says:

    Those ufo choco­lates look SO cute! I guess you couldn’t really use them in some­thing you cook ’cause they’d melt and loose their shape. You could use them to dec­o­rate the top of a cup­cake or a tart or something??

    There’s a book all about peanut but­ter? That sounds like paradise!

  18. jodye717 says:

    Ooh how I love TJ’s. I hope the UFO’s are in stock at mine!

  19. liz says:

    I always eat kiwis whole, just bite right through them. The sour skins are awesome!

    And those pan­cakes! Oh my, I wish I had that recipe, they look fluffily peanut­tily perfect.

  20. necesseaties says:

    Hey I bet those mint choco­late UFO’s would be out of this world (heheh no pun intended) all chopped up into some cook­ies or a smoothie!

    –I’m Natalie by the way :)

  21. tahinitoo says:

    I too, have been eat­ing those UFOs by the palm­ful. It’s cool, that’s the best way to enjoy them!!!