My beloved Trader Joe’s has added some more vegan good­ies to their store and I am here to share them with you. I swear to my cats that I am not paid by them, because that would be my dream job, rather I am a fanat­i­cal shop­per who you have the for­tune or mis­for­tune of read­ing the blog of. :)

First off–


Chicken-less Stuffed Cut­lets. Chikey-style cut­lets, stuffed with black beans and corn in a fla­vor­ful red sauce with mild jalapenos. Unlike most TJ’s finds, a lit­tle pricey for reg­u­lar con­sump­tion, but again it’s con­ve­nience food so there you go.


Black Cherry Gel Cups. Imag­ine my sur­prise when my eyes honed in on that lit­tle “V” in the bot­tom left hand cor­ner. Vegan jello cups! Bestill my heart! They have black cherry and peach mango. With Jim not being the biggest fan of mango, I went with black cherry.

So, how do you make din­ner and fit in a work­out in 30 minutes?

1.) Rinse 1 cup quinoa thor­oughly and toss in your rice cooker. Add 1 2/3 cups water. Set it and for­get it. :)

2.) Do 1 level of the Jil­lian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Work-out DVD (22 min­utes), which I will now admit is a great work­out, but I still think she’s mean. :)

3.) Quinoa will be done, open lid and let set.

4.) Place water in a pot with a steamer tray and bring to a boil. Add pre-washed green beans and put a lid on it!

5.) Cut a lit­tle air vent in the Chicken-less Cut­lets bag and microwave for 2 minutes.

6.) Plate it all up and nom­nom­nom. Also remem­ber to drink plenty of water!


The cut­let was pretty darn good. The sauce was plen­ti­ful and tasted great and the cut­let itself, while a lit­tle smaller than I’d imag­ined, was very tasty and packed full of beans and corn. We ate the quinoa in the most sim­ple way pos­si­ble, but in a way we’d never tried– with a lit­tle pat of Earth Bal­ance melted on top and a sprin­kling of salt. So good! Who’d of though that some­thing that small would make some­thing uber good, but it cer­tainly did!

One step dessert: Peel back foil from gel cup. Serve.


The gello has a good tex­ture and excel­lent fla­vor. It is thick­ened with car­ra­gen­nan and is all nat­ural, of course. I can’t wait to try the peach mango. I’ll get it next time and what makes it bet­ter is that I won’t have to share with Jim!

Oh, and while you’re hang­ing on the inter­webs, check it: my brother in Min­neapo­lis has started his own veg­e­tar­ian food blog. He is a cook of the most vir­tu­ous vari­ety, he actu­ally cooks with what he has in his kitchen. If only I were that smart and eco­nom­i­cal. He’s a newish cook who likes to break all the rules (or stray from the direc­tions to his lik­ing), and he’s doc­u­ment­ing his exper­i­ments in his Veg­gie Lab. Check out his blog and show him some love, he’s new to this whole food blog­ging thing and is still find­ing this sea legs.

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0 Responses to dinner and a workout

  1. Courtney says:

    What fun–I love find­ing new prod­ucts! Now that Trader Joe’s is finally in MN, I will have to keep my eyes open for those :o)


  2. Gina says:

    Weird, I bought an almost iden­ti­cal prod­uct at my local nat­ural foods store, that was also new this week. It must be the same cut­let in dif­fer­ent pack­ag­ing, its seri­ously the exact same thing!! I have yet to blog about it though, I’ve totally been slack­ing *sigh*

    • krispycheks says:

      What brand is it, Gina? I’m always try­ing to fig­ure out what brand things are on Trader Joe’s, but I’m think­ing this one is regional because I don’t remem­ber ever see­ing it.

  3. Liz² says:

    this reminds me of how I was fed grow­ing up, and damn was it good! I can’t believe you found gel cups, too, that looks so yummy right now. Wish I had a Trader Joes around!

  4. Celine says:

    I’ve never been into jello, but you know I can’t not try these gel cups the next time I drop by TJ;s. thanks for the review!

  5. jessy says:

    oh sweet jee­bus, i need to hit up my local trader joes! hooray for a good work­out & a super quick ‘n tasty din­ner! going to have to try some e.b. on quinoa now! mmm­m­m­m­m­mmm! your green beans are totally call­ing my name, too! ahha­haa! yay!

  6. Dole makes a “Fruit Gel” that’s vegan too. Those cut­lets look deli­cious, and I’ll make sure to stop by your son’s blog– can’t have enough veg­gie blog­gers around! 😉

  7. *oops, sorry– I meant “brother” not son!!

  8. Vegyogini says:

    I picked up a pack­age of those cut­lets last week and will break them out for a cou­ple lunches this week. I’ll keep my eyes open for the gel cups; I’ve never looked for them before. Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places ever!

  9. Vegan Vice says:

    Thanks for the per­fect rea­son to get myself to Trader Joes while in CAJEL CUPS!! That’s some vegan magic.

  10. shellyfish says:

    I do indeed miss TJs here!