Break­fast is my favorite meal. Pan­cakes, yogurt, cereal hot or cold, fresh fruit, hot tea, toast with Earth Bal­ance and jam, hash browns, the list goes on and on. But there are a cou­ple of things that I par­tic­u­larly love, the kind of break­fast foods that I lit­er­ally dream about. The main one is a treat I don’t make very often because it’s time con­sum­ing. When I do make them, I savor every minute.


Crepes filled with vanilla soy yogurt and a warmed frozen fruit mix­ture from Trader Joe’s with mango, blue­ber­ries and rasp­ber­ries as the fill­ing. A driz­zle of warm choco­late syrup was the fin­ish­ing touch. Oh, I love crepes and I don’t know why we don’t have them more often. Prob­a­bly because the bat­ter has to chill, where as I can toss pan­cakes right onto the grid­dle, but when I take the time they are so delicious.

On the side, I made up our old favorite of a tofu scram­ble: carmelized onions, sweet corn and kala­mata olives with some dried herbs.


We haven’t had tofu scram­ble at home in such a long time, so I really savored it. We’ve been so busy that the sim­ple act of a leisurely Sun­day brunch seemed like a cel­e­bra­tory occa­sion. You know you’ve been burn­ing it at both ends for too long when hav­ing break­fast together seems like a hol­i­day or something. :)

After let­ting our big break­fast set­tle, I tweaked a batch of cook­ies for my new book– Mocha Stripes. Chewy cof­fee cook­ies with choco­late stripes on top. I’m not a cof­fee drinker, but I LOVE things that are cof­fee fla­vored. I just adore these cookies.

Mocha Stripes

Mocha Stripes

Later, Linus helped us pay bills. We assigned him the duty of lick­ing the envelopes. Just kid­ding, of course. :)


He’s so funny, he kept try­ing to get in Jim’s lap while we were orga­niz­ing our finances and so finally we decided that he could be a let­ter car­rier. Linus wasn’t really happy with the offer.

Hope you all have a won­der­ful and deli­cious week!

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0 Responses to breakie and kitteh

  1. Vegetation says:

    Mmmm now I want crepes and cook­ies! And Linus is too cute! I want him too 😛

  2. jumbleberryjam says:

    What a cutie that Linus is! I can’t wait for the cookbook…I’m drool­ing over those cookies!!

  3. Shelby says:

    Crepes are my favorite spe­cial break­fast too. I haven’t made them in a while though, I think I will very soon though, over spring break maybe.

    Those cook­ies are GORGEOUS!

  4. shellyfish says:

    We just had a huge crêpe dinner…my pants are a lit­tle tight!
    I also love hash­browns for break­fast, but I rarely make them. And tofu scram­bles are the best!

  5. Vegyogini says:

    I have yet to try my hand at crepes; I think I’m just being a wimp! Someday…someday…Yours look won­der­ful, as does the scramble.

    Good job for help­ing w/ the bills, Linus!

  6. Courtney says:

    Those cook­ies look and sound amaz­ing! And your kitty is super cute…what a goo helper :o)


  7. Diann says:

    Break­fast crepes seem so fancy and I love them for dessert. Those cook­ies look fan­tas­tic! Can’t go wrong with cof­fee + chocolate!