I am the queen of buy­ing vast quan­ti­ties of veg­eta­bles and then com­pletely for­get­ting about them until it’s too late. Jim always gets on me about it, but I go into it with the best of intentions.

I noticed tonight that I had some broc­coli on it’s way out, along side some snow pea pods that were prob­a­bly head­ing the same direc­tion. With the addi­tion of some slices of car­rot, a pasta pri­mav­era type dish seemed in the making.

I sauteed some gar­lic and then whisked in some flour, soy milk and nutri­tional yeast to make a creamy sauce, which we had over the veg­gies, some chick­peas and whole wheat fet­tucini. So good and it gave me hope for spring.


We were also greeted today by a squir­rel friend who is a lit­tle too com­fort­able with humans and cats. She was upset when we ran out of squir­rel treats in the back­yard and let her pres­ence be known by jump­ing up on the air con­di­tion­ing unit and tap­ping on the win­dow. She was com­pletely unfazed by Bindhi, and in turn Bindhi wasn’t too impressed with her. I don’t mind the inter­ac­tion, but I know that not every­one is charmed by squir­relly vis­i­tors and we have some can­tan­ker­ous, old neighbors.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

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0 Responses to pasta and a squirrel stalker

  1. Shelby says:

    OH MY GOSH! I’m dying of laugh­ter right now, that squir­rel pic is too funny!

  2. shellyfish says:

    We had a fam­ily of chip­monks who lived in our garage and they would some­times make their way into the house if we didn’t keep treats out on the deck for them. It was hilarious!

  3. Great pic­ture! “Bindhi and the Squir­rel” sounds like a children’s book in the mak­ing, to me! :-)

  4. Vegetation says:

    Awww she’s adorable!! And your pasta looks delicious!

  5. Laura says:

    That is so cute!!

  6. Sandy says:

    LOL! It is so cute when ani­mals show their tiny tem­pers! Maya, my won­der pug, sits with her back to me if I pay too much atten­tion to the cats. Go fig­ure! Can’t wait to see you again!

  7. Soozbot says:

    That is so awe­some! Both the pasta AND the squirrel!

  8. steph says:

    I love it when you can get together a great meal from stuff just lying around the house! So sat­is­fy­ing (so long as it tastes okay, of course).

  9. jessy says:

    i do the same thing with veg­gies — buy a bunch & then for­get about ‘em! recently i started mak­ing a list of all the veg­gies i pur­chased and i post the list on the fridge so that i can always see what we’ve got on hand. totally helps, too! yay!

    your pasta looks sooooo yummy! i love the chick­peas ‘n snow peas in there! mmm­m­m­m­mmm! and the squir­rel is just too funny! aha­ha­haha! a demand­ing squir­rel is hilar­i­ous! i love it!

  10. Diann says:

    What a brave squir­rel — that’s so funny!

    I am so glad you didn’t waste the broc­coli. Din­ner sounds sooo good!