Nope, not that kind of book tour. Not yet, at least. I took some time off of work last week and early this week to work on the book. I have a hard time focus­ing in the house, as I am eas­ily dis­tracted when there are other things to fid­dle with, so I fig­ured get­ting out of the house would be a good idea.

Last Fri­day I had an eye doctor’s appoint­ment and after hav­ing my pupils dilated I fig­ured I wouldn’t be very suc­cess­ful at typ­ing, so I stopped to grab break­fast at Para­dox Cafe. Para­dox was the first place Jim and I ate when we came to Port­land the first time. They have remod­eled and expanded since then and so long as I brace myself for the stink of bleach on their water cups (?) I always have a great meal there.

I always enter with good inten­tions, but order the exact same thing– French toast! Their French toast is made on thick slices of Texas toast which are chewy and sub­stan­tial, just the way French Toast should be! Being the day before Valentine’s Day, they were offer­ing a spe­cial sweetheart’s French toast, topped with a berry com­pote, bananas and wal­nuts. Being the fickle maple syrup con­sumer that I am, I opted for the spe­cial, along with a side of their deli­cious tofu and my favorite raspberry-apple juice.


They mar­i­nate their tofu in some mag­i­cal mari­nade and then grill it. It’s very sim­ple, but delicious.

Once I was see­ing more clearly, I wan­dered down the block and across the street to Oppos­able Thumb, a gallery and cafe, to get some tea and spend some time with my trusty (and crusty) kitchen note­book and the old laptop.


They have a very nice space, open and mod­ern and it was a great place to hip­ster watch and put in a few solid hours of work.

For Valentine’s Day Jim and I went to another spot on the same street. It’s actu­ally our favorite date spot, a bar called The Blue Monk. They have a jazz theme and lots of blue light­ing. They also have a lounge down­stairs with live music, but Jim and I tend to hang out upstairs. It’s a com­fort­able spot with friendly staff and a cou­ple of vegan meal options. Hav­ing a cou­ple of vegan options in Port­land doesn’t impress most, but it’s the qual­ity of their vegan options. Jim and I come back again and again for their Coconut Curry Polenta, which is one of the most deli­cious meals I’ve ever eaten at a restau­rant. This time Jim went with the polenta, I got the Saf­fron Risotto and we split. And I for­got to bring the cam­era! But if you live in Port­land or visit it, I highly rec­om­mend swing­ing by there for some amaz­ing food. They also clearly label the vegan items on their menu. They have some killer bruschetta as well.

On Mon­day I had classes. I’m nor­mally not able to hang out on cam­pus dur­ing the day, so I miss out of the joys of stu­dent life, like lis­ten­ing to fresh­man boys reen­act scenes from the Fam­ily Guy where they pre­tend they are poop­ing or loud-mouthed activists shout­ing about God and the end of times out on the park blocks. The upside was that I was able to try out some of the food at the stu­dent union.

There is a fake Mex­i­can food place in the food court area and after a brief perusal of my options, I decided to get a bur­rito. The bur­rito had black beans, sauteed porta­bella mush­rooms, let­tuce, pico and fresh guac. I pur­chased a fruit bowl on the side.


It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either and with Chipo­tle two blocks up the street, I will prob­a­bly head over there when I want fake Mex­i­can, but it’s nice to know there are options.

That evening yo tengo un exa­men de espanol. I’m only in 102, so for­give the lack of past tense, we’re just not there yet. East met West with my pre-class soy-based cof­fee bub­ble tea. Yum.


I love tapi­oca, so I can drink bub­ble tea daily. I always for­get how full I feel after drink­ing it, it’s like a snack and bev­er­age all in one!

Today was my last day off before head­ing back to real­ity. Jim needed to work on my car, so he took it with him to work, and I laid low and hung out around the house work­ing on the book and some home­work. With the oppor­tu­nity to be at home all day, I con­tin­ued to tweak my Pain au Choco­lat recipe. C’est déli­cieux! Flaky, but­tery and with just the right amount of choco­late, after many not-quite-right attempts I think I have it down.

Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat

Can you believe we are over half way through Feb­ru­ary? It’s insan­ity! I hope you are all hav­ing a great month, even though it’s quickly escap­ing us!

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8 Responses to book tour of portland

  1. shellyfish says:

    You are so cute sin past tense! Suerte for your test, and all that food just sounds deli­cious! I’ve had bub­ble teas, but never a coffee-based one — sounds yummy. And those pains au choco­lat look like the real deal!

  2. jumbleberryjam says:

    What a lovely tour! There’s a chance I’ll be home sooner than I thought (as in next month!!), but with­out a car, so prob­a­bly won’t get down to check these spots out until the sum­mer. The Pain au Choco­lat looks AWESOME!!

  3. Vegyogini says:

    Oh, my good­ness, I love pain au choco­lat! What a won­der­ful recipe to look for­ward to when your new book is pub­lished. It looks like you’ve had a won­der­ful tour of Port­land so far…I can’t wait to see where you go next!

  4. Shelby says:

    FRENCH TOAST!!! Love it.

    I’ve never had pain au choco­lat, but it looks lovely!

  5. Karen says:

    Oh my, that Pain au Choco­lat looks divine!

  6. jumbleberryjam says:

    Received my kit­ties today! OH, THANK YOU! I will wear them with pride :-)

  7. Leigh says:

    Whoa, that french toast looks bananas. And hey, thank you for the nom buttons!

  8. Vegetation says:

    Mmmmm I am des­per­ately want­ing that Pain au Chocolat!

    And some of that deli­cious look­ing French Toast wouldn’t go astray either.