When I was a kid, I loved canned peas. I know, it sounds really gross, but in my house we never ate any­thing fresh, not even frozen. It always came out of a can. When I was sick, my grand­mother used to make me “pea soup”, which con­sisted of a can of peas, some milk and a lit­tle mar­garine. As unap­pe­tiz­ing as that may sound, when­ever I get sick, the idea of it is very com­fort­ing to me.

It appears that I am hav­ing a lit­tle pea renais­sance right now.

Last spring, Jim and I started eat­ing a low carb, high pro­tein vegan diet to help me lose some weight. Paired with exer­cise, it actu­ally worked great. It wasn’t over-the-top, we still ate carbs, but in the form of fibrous fruit and whole grains with lots of pro­tein and veg­gies. Of course, the com­bi­na­tion of zero willpower and work­ing on the cook­book killed all of the results, but we have been talk­ing about uping the pro­tein again. I was eat­ing a lot of almonds as a snack and I have a ten­dency to over-do things so I ate way too many and was not excited about eat­ing almonds again. At Whole Foods the other day, I was delighted to find these:


Roasted, salted peas! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Of all the nuts and seeds out there, I have never seen these before. And let me say, they are really afford­able, deli­cious and have a good amount of pro­tein in them.

I have been try­ing to be bet­ter about batch cook­ing on the week­ends, so I don’t come home at night to Jim eat­ing mugs of sug­ary accidentally-vegan cere­als and then giv­ing up and eat­ing half a jar of salsa with chips before I go to to bed. Of course, Trader Joe’s in my go-to place for, well, everything.


I love buy­ing jars of TJ’s bruschetta or antipasta and throw­ing them together with some beans, noo­dles, and veg­gies. Here, I sauteed some onions and gar­lic, added the bruschetta, gar­ban­zos and a bag of chopped up baby zuc­chini, and topped it with half a bag of cooked whole wheat and flax noo­dles and a lit­tle sprin­kling of chopped kala­mata olives.


Return of the peas! I love split pea soup, so what bet­ter to make than a warm, creamy pot of soup on a cold winter’s day!


I nor­mally use pota­toes in my soups to make them creamier, but this time opted for 1/3 of a head of cau­li­flower. It worked per­fectly, dis­in­te­grat­ing into the soup before Jim could real­ize that he was, in fact, eat­ing his least favorite vegetable.

Split Pea Soup with Hippy Dippy Crackers

Split Pea Soup with Hippy Dippy Crackers

It was per­fect served with my Hippy Dippy Crack­ers for the new cookbook.

Now Jim and I have no excuses for going out for lunch this week or eat­ing com­plete garbage for din­ner… at least not until we’ve had left­overs first! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

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0 Responses to Peas, please. (And peace would be nice, too.)

  1. Vegetation says:

    I con­fess, I’m a life long green pea hater, that being said, I LOVE dried salted peas! Yum!!! And I love split peas too, your soup looks delicious!

  2. Shelby says:

    I ADORE Split Pea soup. I espe­cially enjoy it for breakfast =)

  3. the rachface says:

    And how awe­some is it that you can hid veg­gies from the hus­band? I do it all the time. Your crack­ers look yum!

  4. jessy says:

    you’re not the only one with a love for canned peas — i love ‘em, too! canned peas & canned green beans. don’t know what it is about them, but i looooove them! :) your pea soup looks glo­ri­ous! i never would have thought to use cau­li­flower. that’s bril­liant! totally going to have to try that trick out, as we use a pota­toes for creami­ness as well. the hippy dippy crack­ers (love the name!) look like the per­fect accom­pa­ni­ment to your rock’n pea soup! (and your pasta looks soooooo gooooood! hooray!)

  5. shellyfish says:

    Good luck on work­ing on the exces and los­ing a lit­tle — it’s so dif­fi­cult, espe­cially when work­ing on a cook­book & test­ing recipes! I got to taste those roasted peas this sum­mer when on vaca­tion in the US and I LOVED them — and I think I’ll also be in love with those hippy dippy crack­ers some day, too!

  6. jumbleberryjam says:

    Oooo, must find the dried peas! :-) Thanks for the excel­lent tip!

  7. Jodie says:

    I’m excited abut that cau­li­flower tip!

  8. Emmie says:

    I used to hate peas so much. Then I found this one brand of frozen and now I could eat the entire pack­age on my own. Yum.

    I love zuc­chini and those you have there look like they’d be sooo good. I can eat them just sauteed a lit­tle but Alex doesn’t care for them. Silly man.

  9. I love roasted peas! I don’t know if you can get this where you shop, there’s a wasabi coated vari­ety which is awe­some! It’s a shock if you never had it before but so good and they warm you up too! I love split pea soup too! I used to eat pea direct from the can when I was young!