Wow, I am the queen of cheezy post titles. I think that one took me over the edge.

I wanted to take a moment to high­light one of the hol­i­day gifts I received. I think you can appre­ci­ate it.

My brother-in-law and his wife had a whole squirrel-themed box for me. It was filled with deli­cious organic wal­nuts, a squir­rel nut­cracker (nat­u­rally) and another choice item that has become a traffic-stopper at my cube at work.

Squirrel Underpants!

Yes folks, squir­rel under­pants! You can’t quite tell by the pic­ture, but it’s a 2D squir­rel cutout with real cloth squirrel-sized under­pants. I love it! My back­yard is like a squir­rel nud­ist colony, so these would prob­a­bly be appre­ci­ated by some of the other neigh­boor­hood critters.

This morn­ing was Sun­day break­fast day. Well, obvoiusly it is Sun­day and we ate break­fast. But Sun­day break­fast is an event for us because it’s usu­ally the only week­end day we are both home. Before I start in on home­work or bak­ing and Jim hiber­nates in the office to work on his lat­est mul­ti­me­dia project we have Sun­day morn­ing to talk, spin some vinyl and enjoy a good meal together.

I love maple fla­vored things. Maple extract is my friend, I love maple but­ter on waf­fles with veg­gie sausage stuffed in the mid­dle, I like maple syrup in things, but I do not like maple syrup on pan­cakes. I have never been a syrup girl. I usu­ally just heat up some frozen fruit, blend it in my hand­i­chop and eat that instead, but this morn­ing I wanted some­thing dif­fer­ent. At first I thought of mak­ing a lemon sauce, but thought it might be too pro­nounced and wanted some­thing creamy instead.

I love berries and cream, so a Blue­ber­ries & Cream Sauce over our blue­berry pan­cakes was in order. It takes a lot to get a food reac­tion out of Jim and it almost always involves peanut but­ter. He enjoys his food, but doesn’t revel in eat­ing quite the same way I do. Imag­ine my sur­prise when he took a bite and with his eyes rolling in the back of his head said, “You have to put this in the book!” Well, okay!

Blueberry pancakes with Blueberries & Cream Sauce

Blue­berry pan­cakes with Blue­ber­ries & Cream Sauce

Along with our pan­cakes, we enjoyed the tem­peh and white bean sausage pat­ties from VWaV. I haven’t made these things in over a year! I think I put them off because there are a cou­ple of prep steps, like sim­mer­ing the tem­peh, that require more time than I like to put into break­fast. I made a dou­ble batch so we can whip them up dur­ing the week.

The cream sauce was so sim­ple and deli­cious, I want you all to give it a try sooner than later. My sauce was made with almond milk, so it’s a lit­tle translu­cent but still very creamy. If you want it to look really opaque and thick I rec­om­mend using reg­u­lar soy milk or soy creamer.

Blue­ber­ries and Cream Sauce
Makes 1 1/2 cups

1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp. plus 1 teas corn­starch
1 cup milk of choice (the higher the fat con­tent, the thicker it will be)
1/2 teas. good qual­ity vanilla
1/2 cup frozen blue­ber­ries, thawed and drained

In a small saucepan com­bine sugar and corn­starch until well com­bined. Whisk in milk and cook over medium-high heat to a boil, while whisk­ing. Lower to a sim­mer, stir­ring con­stantly, until sauce thick­ens, about 5–7 min­utes. Add vanilla and cook for one more minute. Remove from heat and pour sauce into a bowl. Let chill in fridge or freezer for 10–15 min­utes or until it is a bit more set, but still warm. Add blue­ber­ries and lightly mix to com­bine. Do not over­mix blue­ber­ries or sauce will look blueish/grey. Serve warm or cold over pan­cakes or waffles.

Res­o­lu­tion update: Worked out 3 times this week, but oth­er­wise I did poorly. The “likes” just keep on comin’ and I only ate choco­late once. Once! It’s sad, really. I must persevere!

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0 Responses to A Berry Good Breakfast

  1. Oh my gosh, I want to rip that squir­rel off the pic­ture and give him a big squeezy hug! That is so adorable.

    So I need maple extract advice! Since you obvi­ously own some, what brand do you use? I want to order some online. I love maple every­thing too! Maple but­ter is on my “to-try” list, and it cer­tainly sounds like it would be so good the way you have it, with waf­fles and vegan sausage!

    All right, all this brunchy berry busi­ness makes me want to cook break­fast right this very instant.

    • krispycheks says:

      Okay, so I guess what I have is maple fla­vor. But it’s very good. It’s the top bot­tle on this page:

      Maple but­ter is good, but it’s expen­sive. The nice thing is that you need way less than you think you do, because it’s maple con­cen­trate! I like to make pan­cakes or waf­fles, put a lit­tle EB on, then a lit­tle smear of maple but­ter and toss in some sausage pat­ties, fold and voila! Break­fast sam­mich. SO GOOD.

  2. jessy says:

    it’s all good on the res­o­lu­tions — some­times you get a week where it’s tough to keep up! but hey, at least you got to eat choco­late, even if it was just once, and worked out 3 times! bet­ter than nothin’ right?!

    i’m a maple freak as well. don’t tell dan — but i totally put pure maple syrup on a spoon and eat it. oh my gosh, it’s so awe­some! but your blue­ber­ries & cream sauce looks so amaz­ing i’ve gotta give it a go next time we make pan­cakes! i’m gonna pick up some blue­ber­ries soon & give it a whirl! mmm­m­m­m­m­m­m­mmm! i can’t wait!

    hooray for a scrump­tious sun­day break­fast (and hooray for a fun title to your post. i say, the cheezier the bet­ter! ahahhahaa!)!

  3. jumbleberryjam says:

    I just watched Mamma Mia…I’m cheez-immune ;-). That blue­berry cream sauce looks divine…almost as scrump­tious as my fond mem­o­ries of MightyO. ‘Tis my first stop upon my glo­ri­ous return to Seat­tle this summer!!

    • krispycheks says:

      Oh Mighty O. Port­landers talk about Voodoo, but their donuts are dis­gust­ing. I’d rather be donut­less than eat that greasy junk. I just wait until I go to Seat­tle and then I gorge. :)

  4. s says:

    The berry cream sounds great!

  5. Sandy says:

    Work­ing out is such a bore! I would rather be eat­ing some of your del­ish recipes, pre­pared by you of course!! :)

  6. shellyfish says:

    I love cheesy titles — as long as it’s vegan cheese! Your break­fast sounds yum!

  7. Vegetation says:

    Hahaha, I LOVE the squir­rel undies!

    And mmmmm that break­fast looks amazing!

  8. The food looks great, but the high­light of the post has to be the squir­rel under­pants! AWESOME! I’m so ammused! >:oD

  9. Celine says:

    the squir­rel! there are no words, only love.

  10. The Vegan Conservative says:

    this is my 2nd time look­ing at this post, but I only just now noticed the Mighty-O cup in the back­ground! Most deli­cious donuts ever tasted.…vegan or otherwise